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Jessica Alba Is Coming On Netflix Thriller Trigger Warning

Jessica Alba Is Coming On Netflix Thriller Trigger Warning

Actress-turned-TikTok star and YouTuber Jessica Alba is also joining the bandwagon of Netflix by starring in its latest upcoming thriller, Trigger Warning. The streaming service is joining big names with itself and also trying to focus on its superhero movies. In Alba’s case, Mouly Surya will take on this movie, who helmed Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts at Cannes Festival. The Indonesian title became the country’s submission for the Oscars. In Trigger Warning, Alba will play the role of a traumatized veteran.

Jessica Alba’s Role In New Netflix Movie

Jessica Alba’s new movie will feature her at the center of the storyline as her character tries to fight the moral dilemma after finding out the reason behind her grandfather’s death. The character inherits his bar and has to make a series of decisions. Josh Olson, who scripted for 2005’s Oscar nominee A History of Violence, is working on the movie. We will also see the return of John Brancato, who starred in Surrogates and Terminator Salvation.

For Jessica Alba, perhaps an introduction is not needed at all. The star previously performed in the 2000s Fantastic Four series and Sin City. She also worked on as an actress and an executive producer in Spectrum Original’s LA’s Finest. Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee from Thunder Road will be taking on the production roles for Trigger Warning. However, Alba will also be contributing here as an executive producer.

As for Netflix, the news comes when we hear how they are furiously trying to up their game. The streaming service giant has already called on Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt to star in a superhero movie, Ball and Chain. Next, Our Man From Jersey is another upcoming release by Netflix, which is going to feature Mark Wahlberg. A recent top-name movie, Extraction featuring Chris Hemsworth,, showed a general success, showing a trend that Netflix will most likely continue to call big names in exciting storylines.