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Jennifer Lopez TikTok Challenge Trends on the Internet

A Tik Tok challenge based on Superbowl performance of Jennifer Lopez is making rounds on the internet. It's a great way to showcase your dancing skills.

It seems that the entire world is wrapped up in TikTok craze. Whether it is music, films or TV shows, people love recreating their own versions. These days, a snippet of Jennifer Lopez’s Superbowl performance as a TikTok challenge is making rounds all over the world.

Although TikTok was developed in 2012, the app was launched in 2017

A Beijing-based company, ByteDance, created TikTok. Though, it is not available in China. Mainly used for lip-syncing, comedy and music videos, it has become one of the most trendy apps in the world. One of the most followed accounts on Ti Tok belongs to Loren Gray. She gained popularity in 2015.

Just a few weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave the iconic performance at Superbowl

Along with Shakira, Jennifer Lopez gave an unforgettable performance. Not only was it an incredible entertainment, but it also focused on Latino representation and anti-immigration policies. Starting from ‘Jenny From the Block’, Jennifer Lopez sang songs like ‘On the Floor’, ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’, and ‘Waiting for Tonight’. The most surprising part of her act was her 11-year-old daughter making an appearance. The mother-daughter duo performed ‘Let’s Get Loud’.

Ever since Jennifer Lopez’s Superbowl appearance, a TikTok challenge inspired by ‘On The Floor’ has been making rounds

Whether its little girls or aspiring dancers, everyone seems to be taking part in Jennifer Lopez TikTok’s challenge. The challenge is based on a snippet of her Superbowl performance, ‘On the Floor’.  On Twitter, #JLoTikTokChallenege was trending and giving a chance to so many people to show their talent.

People from all cultures are coming together for this challenge

Jennifer Lopez has taken notice of this fun challenge.

This Zumba instructor has some serious moves.

This person claims to have started this entire challenge.

While this is not the first time, Lopez’s challenge is a great way to promote your dancing skills.