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Jeffree Star shares interesting news he got from the doctor

Well, looks like Jeffree Star is back in the game. As the famous beauty guru and makeup artist posted about his health on Twitter. But first let’s talk about why he was not posting much content on his social media accounts. Well, it’s probably because of the horrific car accident and the recovery period. And secondly, the beauty guru has been working really hard to expand the variety of his makeup products. Recently, Jeffree Star cosmetics launched 25 new velvet trap lip-shades on their website and fan are totally loving them.

Anyways, some of you might know that Jeffree was doing all sorts of things to avoid being part of the beauty community. But it seems like he is not shying away to make public appearance these days. As he recently joined the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match which almost surprised the fans. Jeffree even dropped by the BFFs podcast house and recorded a session with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy which will be airing soon.

Now some fans are also confused about Jeffree’s mysterious dating life. As the beauty guru kind of made an oath that he won’t be making his private relationship public anymore. But we think there might be a definite change in the plans.

What happened to Jeffree Star?

As we all know that the famous beauty guru got into a horrific car accident back in April. In which he was with his best friend, Daniel Lucas, when they had the accident. He sustained many injuries during the car accident. The famous star posted about his health on Twitter where he told his fans that he has been discharged from the hospital. He also said that he broke his neck due to the accident so has to wear a brace. Jeffree got very upset when the doctor told him that he is not allowed to take part in any se*ual activities. But things are changing as both Jeffree and his friend are slowly recovering.

Recently, Jeffree also tweeted about his health and tried to make a joke out of it.

This actually had us in fits though. Because we all know that Jeffree likes to give attention to his partners. And I guess we all love some attention. But his tweet still sounds really funny.

Jeffree Star also shared the news of his health on Instagram as well, where he said:

My back is really broke and my vertebrae, three are not attached right now. I am in the most excruciating pain.

His friend Daniel was hospitalized for days as he was in critical condition due to his colon cancer recovery.

This all sounds very traumatizing and painful. We sincerely hope and pray that these two would fully recover soon. So that the beauty guru can get back to making bomb makeup videos for us. And maybe he can shed some light on how much he enjoyed giving he*d to his mysterious boyfriend (if he has one).