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Jared Padalecki Takes off Holiday Beard

15 years. That’s how long Supernatural has run. It’s heading into its last season’s last few episodes now as 2020 starts. As it is, shooting finales can be emotional. And with a show like Supernatural, we can only imagine how hard it must be for Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Jensen Ackles. The actors have started posting what we believe to be the beginning of the end. Jared Padalecki just posted his farewell to his signature Sam Winchester holiday beard.

The story behind the Jared Padalecki Beard

The Supernatural boys spend their shoot time with a clean shave. Jensen and Jared’s Characters, Dean and Sam Winchester sport a shaved face. So, over the years, it has become a signature style. Running for 15 years, fans have associated their shaves to the start of shooting. So, whenever the co-stars rock a shave, you know Supernatural is coming to your screens soon.

Although, Jensen Ackles doesn’t seem to be posting as much regarding the final episodes. Could this mean he is not going to be a significant part of the final few episodes? Surely he isn’t just planning to sit behind the cameras?

Until we know for sure, let’s talk about Jared’s post.

This post though is significant. As Supernatural heads to its final few episodes, this is Jared’s last shave after a work holiday. This means that the final few episodes are under progress. They are now being filmed! At this very moment. The Iconic 15 years of Supernatural are coming to an end.

The show started in 2005. Not many shows last even half as long. We do feel that fans of the show will find it hard to let go of the show. It’s impossible not to feel it. Imagine how the stars must feel. Well Jared, much like your beard, Supernatural has also been in our faces for so long now. But we still love it!

Go on to watch the show on CW and support your on-screen stars for their efforts in the past 15 years.