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Misha Collins Is Not Impressed With Supernatural Promotional Tweets

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Misha Collins, the cutie Angel Castiel from Supernatural series, is loved by all of the supernatural fans. He is not just a life savior when it comes to people dying in the series, Castiel is also a super caring person when it comes to Dean & Sam Winchester. CW is currently running Supernatural final season on Fridays. But, Misha Collins is apparently not-so-happy with the promotional tweets by Supernatural Twitter account.

Misha Collins Needs More Excitement In Supernatural Promotions

Supernatural Twitter is running smoothly. You will not find them lacking in the digital promotions when it comes to Supernatural final season. However, Misha Collins is not impressed with the promotional tweets. Or, shall we say, he is not impressed with the truth, to be honest. The Supernatural team used the following teaser to create some excitement for the fans.

It’s worse than they thought.

And Misha Collins is wondering if a better teaser was available as an alternative.

Hey  @cw_spn, aren’t you supposed to be PROMOTING the show?

Fans Are Familiar With The Winchester Brothers’ Pain

The Supernatural fans know how painful the series can be. Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester and Castiel (Misha Collins) have to face many challenges and weird ghostly species. Meanwhile, they try to save the world from the looming darkness. In fact, many SPN fans commented on Misha Collins’ tweet regarding promotional tactics.

SPN and SPN fandom are the kings of self deprecating.


pain and suffering attracts us.

Don’t you dare tweet when I’m watching the episode, man. Don’t you dare. I’m warning you.


It’s always worse than they thought.

Is this shade Misha? I hope its shade. At least the premier episode was excellent and I’m sure next week will be too. But you delivered the only decent line in this weeks script perfectly and if we focus on that we’ll soon all forget whatever the rest of THAT was.


Well, let’s hope the promotional tweets keep throwing the truth at us. Enjoy Misha Collins, Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural final season, together for the last time.

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