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Jameela Jamil Posts a Different Mother’s Day Message

Jameela Jamil has posted a different message than the usual celebrities on Mother's Day and it seems a lot of people out here can relate.

By this time now, it is no surprise that Jameela Jamil likes doing things her way. While Mother’s Day was filled with Kardashian-Jenner extravagance or all other celebrities posting tributes to their mothers, The Good Place actress had something else to offer. Instead of discussing her relationship with her mother, she chose to present a version of Mother’s Day we weren’t familiar with.

Jamil’s Instagram message has made people realize that they are not the only ones out here if they are unable to relate to sweet social media messages on Mother’s Day. In fact, she has assured everyone that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Jameela Jamil Presents a New Picture on Mother’s Day

The Good Place actress took to Instagram to assert that not everybody out here as a mother. But it’s not necessary that the ones who do have a mother get a close relationship with her. In fact, some people are just not close to their family as a whole. She wanted to make these people feel seen and loved.

The actress even offered them another way to have a family- make one out of the friends you have and love!

Jameela Jamil added that all these people should chill out on Mother’s Day and maybe dig into an ice-cream tub! There was absolutely nothing wrong in not having a mother, or not being close to her.

Later the next day, Jameela Jamil slammed the US abortion law claiming that she herself went through one because she was not ready to be a mother. Maybe that’s one reason she feels differently about Mother’s Day?