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Jameela Jamil Gets Real About Money

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T he popular actress Jameela Jamil has always been very real when it comes to women issues. Especially, ones that might make people insecure about themselves. But Jameela is promoting her campaign I Weigh on how women should own their bodies, and stop toxic steps in the name of body shaming. Apart from that, Jameela has expressed her immense discomfort with celebrities uploading photoshopped airbrushed pictures. Now, The Good Place actress is emphasizing on how money makes a very vital difference in how celebrities and common people look. But she is advising everybody to stay true to who they are because what they see on media is not real.

Jameela Jamil Explains Why Celebrities Look so Different

The actress took to Instagram to vent on how celebrities look completely different as common people. But that had more to do with the rich sums of money they own because money makes them look thin and young. Of course, these people have constant access to trainers, chefs, beauticians, staff, surgeons, makeup artists, hair stylists and doctors. So, naturally, their life is much less stressful than people normally. But on top of all this, there pictures that we see are airbrushed.

Jameela Jamil highlighted all these differences to let us know that we are in for a fall if we keep comparing them to us. She decided to make the whole situation more relatable for common women by adding a scenario in the caption.

Jameela imagined how a mother of three who works 2 jobs would wonder how the celebrity on the magazine cover looks so young. The Good Place actress added that the celebrity did not work two jobs and got lots of more sleep. Moreover, her image was photoshopped. So, she advised all women to give themselves a break.

Jameela Jamil is an actress and activist who has been very vocal on movements like #MeToo and other instances when women experience body shaming. Her most prominent works include The Good Place, T4, and Freshly Squeezed. 

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