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Jaclyn Glenn Thinks Eugenia Cooney Is Still In Danger

A few days ago, Shane Dawson gave us a video revolving around the return of a YouTuber named Eugenia Cooney. Some of you may have known her before Shane even made a video about her. Cooney was incredibly thin and as she kept making videos, she appeared to become much thinner. This led many to believe that she is going through some kind of eating disorder. Dawson ended up making a video that aimed to discuss her recovery process. After the video was released, some of Eugenia Cooney’s friends including Jaclyn Glenn appear to think that Eugenia is still in danger.

Let’s delve deeper into the whole story.

Jaclyn Clarifies What Really Happened

Jaclyn released two videos discussing Eugenia Cooney. One was a lengthier 24 minute version and one was a shorter and summarized version of 5 minutes. In both videos, she explained her side of the story because she and her friends think the audience needs to know the truth.

They clarified that they had Eugenia’s best interests at heart and that they still deeply care for her. Given the position Eugenia was in, Jaclyn and her friends had no other choice but to get professional help for Eugenia in a way that was a bit forceful. Jaclyn explained how they had to lie to her so that she would be at her house where they would call mental health professionals and the police. They did this because Eugenia’s mother was not helping her daughter and letting her health deteriorate.

When Eugenia’s mom found out, she threatened Jaclyn and her friends and even called on the police on them for kidnapping. In fact, she tried to do everything to prevent the recovery from happening.

Why Jaclyn And Her Friends Are Still Worried

Eugenia Cooney is still living in the house where her family is. That means that her life is still being controlled by her mother and brother. Jaclyn seems to be sure that they do not have Eugenia’s best interests and don’t really care about her health.

The Shane Dawson video seemed to not mention any of the real facts about Eugenia’s recovery. Eugenia told Shane that her family was supportive of her recovery while her friends were bullying her. Though, after the Jaclyn video, it seems like Eugenia might be lying.

Moreover, Shane Dawson had to sign a contract with a lawyer that Eugenia’s mother had signed. That might just to be safe because it’s a sensitive issue. But that did look a bit suspicious.

She has also posted another video entitled Why I Spoke Out About Eugenia Cooney where she answered some of the questions people had about her previous videos.

hqdefault Jaclyn Glenn, Eugenia Cooney

Jaclyn fully believes that if she hadn’t done this intervention Eugenia would have died. So even though she understands what people are saying, she wants the public to know that Eugenia is still in danger because she has been manipulated by her mother and brother to a big degree.