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A 24-Year Old YouTuber Julia Zelg Married Her 61-Year Old Girlfriend

Very few people find their true match through Tinder. But apparently, Julia Zelg, a 24-Year old YouTuber, was one of the rare lucky ladies. Julia Zelg met 61-Year old Eileen De Freest through Tinder and the love between them blossomed so much that they are finally married.

The Bond Between Julia Zelg & Eileen De Freest

Julia Zelg is a Brazilian YouTuber who lives in London. Her YouTube videos mostly cover fashion, holidays and makeup. Since the day she met Eileen, she also vlogs about her love life. Eileen DeFreest is a political social media professional. Both ladies fell in love with each other at first sight on Tinder. They also recorded a video for Barcroft TV with the title I’m not Her Mother, I’m Her Lover | Love Don’t Judge. Both have an age difference of 37 years and Eileen is often mistaken as Julia’s grandmother by others. The couple found love when everyone else kept judging them. Julia and Eileen moved in together after dating for some time and Julia says the age gap has never been issue for them.

I used to think that most older women wouldn’t be that interested in their sex lives, but I guess I was wrong.

Eileen flew to Julia’s home country i.e. Brazil to meet her mother. Julia’s mother is actually 8 years younger than Eileen.

Criticism & Judgments Faced By The Couple

Since the day Julia Zelg made her relationship public, the couple has been receiving criticism and nasty comments like “It’s like kissing you mother”, “are you a pedophile?”, “sugar mama”, “mummy issues” etc. Julia believes they receive all the judgments not only because of the age gap, but also because they are lesbians and there are still homophobic people out there. Eileen does get upset when someone refers her as Julia’s grams. The couple is not together for money. They pay equally when it comes to sharing expenses. They were nervous initially but Julia Zelg’s mother supported her when the couple visited her in Brazil and got her approval.

The Marriage Between 24-Years Old Julia Zelg & 61-Years Old Eileen De Freest

Julia Zelg is a singer as well and she performs gigs. One day she decided to propose Eileen DeFreest after one of her songs during the gig. In the 2nd episode they shot for Barcroft TV, Julia’s proposal is filmed which shows a sweet moment between them and a teary-Yes from Eileen. Both were wearing white bridal gowns for the wedding and they really looked elegant. Eileen also colored her hair pink to match with Julia’s hair color and show her true love. Julia’s mother walked her down the aisle while Eileen was walked down by her sister-in-law. They had the love and support of their family and it was a lovely event.