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Is Belle Delphine Back On Instagram?

If you are an Instagram user, then you might have heard about the bathwater seller girl who Instagram itself removed. Well, Instagram terms and conditions, when it comes to reporting sensitive and violent images and videos, are still vague to some extent. It faced issues when it failed to remove Bianca Devins’s murder images from the app. However, the removal of Belle Delphine’s profile did not take much time. But she is not going anywhere. because, believe it or not, she has not just topped the “most searched key phrase” in P**nhub, but her official Patreon page says she will be back on Instagram ‘soon’.

Belle Delphine is Belle Delphiny now?

When something walks like a cat, talks like a cat, and behaves like a cat, you can tell it is a cat. Similarly, (pardon my metaphor), Belle Delphine is back on Instagram, without an official “verified” account, of course, because it is 99.9% a fake account. Unlike her previous 4.5 million followers, Belle Delphiny (or Delphine) has 201k followers. That is not all. You can still see some old posts on her Instagram as well. The oldest post is dated March 2, 2019. And that’s where those 201k followers stop doing their homework.

Well, many pictures are posted on that date. That’s so weird. Belle Delphiny even has no captions, and even if she does then these captions are not like her at all. Someone even commented that the account would be deleted due to impersonation.

Where is the real Belle?

Real Belle Delphine is not active on any of her social handles for now. She was using her Twitter account but the last post is dated November 5. Belle is not using her Twitter channel frequently. As for her Instagram handle, that got banned by the Instagram authorities because of the content.

As a matter of fact, her last Twitter post is her last YouTube post as well. Her true fans are worried while others are searching for her on P**nhub for some reason only they can explain. As per P**nhub released data, Belle Delphine is the topmost searched this year on their site, for the “Celebrities” category. She is famous for trolling people and she trolled everyone by creating a P**nhub account. Belle Delphine also posted video content on her profile, consisting of “misleading titles and thumbnails”, but no porn stuff.

Her controversial bathwater product, being arrested for vandalism, and then silence on her social profiles as well as her Patreon page has people wondering where exactly is Belle Delphine. Let’s hope we find out soon.