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Influencer, who told his followers COVID-19 isn't real, dies from it

Influencer, who told his followers COVID-19 isn’t real, dies from it

A fitness influencer named Dmitriy Stuzhuk, who told his followers that COVID-19 wasn't real, has died from complications related to the Coronavirus.

The novel Coronavirus has taken yet another life. This time, a famous fitness influencer died from COVID-19. Russian fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk used to tell his more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram that COVID-19 was a hoax. Sadly, the Stuzhuk succumbed to the virus itself, as confirmed by his wife in a detailed Instagram post.

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In a detailed and emotional post, Sofia Stuzhuk announced the death of her husband, Dmitriy. Her post, which was in Russian, when translated to English revealed how she didn’t have a perfect relation with the fitness influencer. However, the two still lived a worthwhile life, as Sofia wrote:

Yes, we didn’t have a good relationship. Yes, there were many problems. But this relationship gave us so much. We have lived and experienced so much with you. You were there in sorrow and in joy… I will remain grateful to you for the rest of my life for our three beautiful children.

We were no longer together, but it hurts me no less. I am so sorry… I’m sorry. Thank you for everything, my important person, my main teacher, my guide, the father of my children.

As she concluded her message, she bid farewell to her influencer husband as she wrote:

You are our guardian angel and your love will always protect our angels. How painful it is to realize… Blessed memory of you, Dima Stuzhuk.

Fitness influencer Dimitry Stuzhuk was a COVID denier

For months, the Dmitriy Stuzhuk would call the Coronavirus a hoax or fake news. And it was a problem, since he had great reach with 1.1 million followers, out of which many put a lot of weight on his word. Sadly, the fitness influencer died after contracting COVID-19. His last update on the virus was four days ago, as he wrote in a detailed post on Instagram. Firstly, he admitted to how wrong he was about the Coronavirus and only realized it by the time he got sick:

CORONAVIRUS “COVID”, DAY 8, As you all know from stories, I am sick with coronavirus. Today, after returning home, for the first time there was an enthusiasm for at least writing something. I want to share how I got sick and convincingly warn everyone: I also thought that there was no covid… Until I got sick.

He was diagnosed while on a visit to Turkey

Dmitriy Stuzhuk was visiting Turkey for the past few days but started feeling odd on the second day of his visit. The fitness influencer further described his symptoms and how he misdiagnosed it as seasonal flu. However, the symptoms only got worse over time, which is when the influencer decided to take a COVID-19 test. He wrote:

I felt bad on the second day in Turkey. I woke up in the middle of the night because my neck was swollen and it was hard to breathe. At the same time, my stomach ached a little. The next day, a cough began to appear, but there was no temperature. There were no particular symptoms of the disease either, so I thought that these could be consequences after playing sports, changing the climate and nutrition, and plus sleeping under air conditioning. After returning from Turkey, I immediately went to take various tests, do an ultrasound scan and, just in case, decided to take a COVID test. It turned out to be positive.

He received treatment at home

Furthermore, the fitness influencer revealed in his final post that the hospitals were in a dire state. And so, he decided to be treated at home:

This is another story, because now there are renovations going on, the hospital is completely filled with people, some of them live in the corridor. There is no food, no paper, no cutlery either! Nobody warned me about this.

The fitness influencer further detailed the treatment he got for COVID-19

They gave me an oxygen apparatus for breathing, since I have a low oxygen level (although I think it is considered critical after 90, for me 94-96 it is quite permissible for treatment at home, the doctor in the waiting room told me the same thing).

He had a prevailing heart condition

The fitness influencer passed away COVID-19 related complications, especially related to his heart. During his at-home treatment, Stuzhuk was rushed to the hospital, as reported by The Sun. After reaching the hospital, his wife Sofia told the paper that her husband was in “grave ” condition and “unconscious”. The fitness influencer died from COVID-19 probably because he had problems with his cardiovascular system. Sofia also revealed:

His heart is not coping. His state is extremely grave. No one can do anything with this.

Shortly after, Dmitriy Stuzhuk passed away.

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