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IFBB Pro Devon Lindner’s Alleged Domestic Violence Against Wife Gina Cano

IFBB Pro Devon Lindner is being accused of domestic violence against his wife, Gina Cano. A profile titled “Justice for Gina” on the free fundraising and crowdfunding website tells the entire story of the alleged domestic violence incident.

Gina Cano’s GoFundMe Page

The incident involving professional bodybuilder Devon Lindner and wife Gina occurred on Sunday, 23rd February 2020. The graphic details of the alleged incident are available on the GoFundMe website. The free fundraising and crowdfunding website account also shares graphic pictures of Cano after the domestic violence incident.

Julia Surwald is handling the profile and the purpose of the account is to raise funds for Gina. The donations will cover unforeseen expenses caused by the violent incident.

Horrific details regarding the assault

Following is an account of the day when the domestic violence incident took place. Cano’s friend Julia writes:

On Sunday, February 23rd, the life of our beautiful dear sweet friend took a turn for the worse.

She had just been picked up by her husband after a day of fun with some her closest girlfriends.  Her husband was upset she didn’t answer his call or text fast enough.  When he came to pick her up, it had been clear that he had been drinking or partaking in other substances.  He immediately started yelling and getting violent towards her on their drive home from Sacramento to where they lived in Citrus Heights.

Devon Lindner was driving on the freeway and after a lot of yelling, he clenched his right hand and started pounding her on the left side of her face with a hammered fist.  Gina went to defend herself when he grabbed her by the hair. Devon pushed her down towards the seat and ripped out her hair straight from her scalp. Crying out in pain, she turned to defend herself again. That’s when he hit her on the right side of her face twice again. Cano was left with two black eyes, a fat lip, and a permanently damaged scalped head.

Gina ended up escaping and saving her life

The account also explains how Gina escaped the abuse:

She wanted to jump out of the car fearing her life. Once they stopped Gina ran out of the car as fast as she could while Devon Lindner chased her. She was able to contact her friends and one sent her an Uber so that she could get away as soon as possible. Once she got to her friends, they rushed to the ER where nurses and doctors looked in disbelief at the damage this “husband” caused.  Luckily, she is still here and ready to fight for her justice.

Moreover, Julia expresses that Devon should pay for all the damage that he did to Gina Cano.

Why Gina Cano needs monetary help

Julia then shared why Gina needs financial assistance from the public:

Gina is self-employed and uninsured. She has to take a leave of absence for an unknown amount of time to heal. Feel free to share and donate to help her. The unforeseen expenses include wage loss, medical bills and lawyer fees.

The details of the incident are heartwrenching and if there’s any truth to these claims, Devon Lindner should pay the price for what he did. At the moment, these are just claims and there has been no response by Lindner. We’ll have to wait on this one. Dankanator will keep you updated.