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Finneas O’Connell Calls Out CDC Handling Of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus epidemic has startled and dismantled the world as the deadly and infectious disease continues to spread. Global deaths caused by the coronavirus have passed 3000. And the numbers are unfortunately continuing to rise. Finneas O’Connell, brother of Billie Eilish also raised his voice and called out the CDC for their handling. To find out why and what happened, just keep reading.

The Coronavirus

It is basically a respiratory disease that marks its start with a usual dry cough and fever. A week after this, shortness of breath starts as a symptom. This requires hospital treatment. If the condition continues to worsen, it results in pneumonia, acute respiratory disease, multiple organ failure, and death.

In order to prevent or limit your chances of catching the disease, regular and thorough hand washing is key. Trying to avoid close contact with infected people or large crowds with chances of infection is important.

Finneas O’Connell calls out CDC gov

CDC is the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, the nation’s health protection agency. They are responsible for protecting people from health threats and facilitating their security.

Finneas O’Connell retweeted a Reddit thread to his Twitter and wrote while mentioning the CDC:

Hey@CDCgov absoLUTELY what the fuck
We dug into it to see what really happened.
The post was by an individual who had spent the last week in Japan, which is at high-risk for Coronavirus. The person shared that they wore a mask and avoided touristy places and crowds while train stations were unavoidable. Upon his return, he had “a 103 fever, coughing, and aches.” He also got tested for pneumonia and other related viruses that all came back negative.
At this point, the hospital called the CDC requesting permission to perform the COVID-19 testing. The CDC denied the request on the ground that I did not have the most life-threatening symptoms: chest pain and shortness of breath.
According to everything I read it’s very likely not to have these symptoms if you’re in your 30’s and relatively healthy.
In fact, the hospital discharged him and said he does not have the coronavirus so he should continue with his routine. But his own doctor disagreed and said he should treat himself as if he’s infected. There is a 14-day window for symptoms to develop and worsen if you’re infected.

However, he highlighted the CDC for their shortcoming and how they’re not actively testing people for the coronavirus.

But I don’t think that many people are aware of the fact that they’re actively not testing people for COVID-19, even people who have travel history to high-risk places.
This goes to show how the government institutions are lacking in such a pivotal role in battling a global epidemic. Big thanks to Finneas O’Connell for putting this story out there and making it public.