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How Conspiracy Theorists Hurt the Families of 9/11 Victims

9/11 was probably the worst tragedy to hit the US but even 16 years later conspiracy theories are hurting the victim families.

The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was one of the greatest tragedies to ever hit the world. But the whole devastating terror attack is made even more difficult for the victim families with these conspiracy theories. However, it seems like there is no end to them. And even 16 years later, conspiracy theorists are still continually hurting the families of the victims with their bizarre ideas. In fact, the US President Donald Trump is also displaying his total lack of empathy for the victims of 9/11 even till now.

The 9/11 Incident and Conspiracy Theories

September 11th continues to be the most solemn day in the calendars of the entire United States. Back on the same date in 2001, four passenger planes  were hijacked by a group of terrorists. Common opinion states that they were radical Islamist individuals. The planes were flown right into the World Trade Center the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field. As the Twin Towers in New York collapsed, almost 3000 lives were taken. And thousands of families destroyed forever.

Soon after the disaster of the century, online conspiracy theories started making their way. Popular ones persist even up till now although the entire episode was 16 years ago. It stated that the World Trade Center was not blown up by the airplane attacks. Apparently, from the footage it could be seen that the planes did collide with the building and caused a lot of damage. But conspiracy theories put forward the view that to bring down such buildings, a lot of explosives in the right places are needed. And that probably whoever did this had a lot of access to the Twin Towers. But majorly, the most possible explanation given is that the US government organized this as an attempt to overpower the whole world.

Later, investigations revealed that the planes only weakened the structures of the buildings. And with the collapsing floors, the entire building fell down. But people even refused to buy this one. Almost 16 years later, conspiracy theories are going strong. And people are still inquiring what caused the death of their loved ones. But majority is of the view that the government is concealing information about the 9/11 attacks. And the quest for information is being fulfilled by these theories with little regard to how much they hurt the families of the victims of 9/11.

Conspiracy Theories Hurting The 9/11 Victim Families

With so many theories arguing that probably 9/11 was an inside job which was pre-planned and then faked with the planes colliding into the World Trade Center, it’s becoming hard for families to forget their losses. What these conspiracy theories have failed to realize that 9/11 has been the worst devastation for hundreds and thousands of families. It shattered their entire lives, taking away their loved ones. So many children were left orphaned and wives widowed and parents childless. In the hardest times of their lives, all these victim families get to hear is that 9/11 was planned. And they did not lose their families to a terrorist attack but a state planned massive killing.

It hurts the sentiments of people who actually suffered through 9/11. The news did not just make them cry for their country, but for their own loved ones. And how would they feel knowing that theories suggest it was the State who betrayed them and took away the people they loved. While trying to connect the dots, and find out what actually happened, conspiracy theories completely dismiss the pain of these families. It’s easy for people to connect different ideas that might seem absurd and vaguely connected to come up with one huge conspiracy theory. But does it doing any good? Definitely not. Instead, it’s just toying with the emotions of families who will never forget 9/11.

Further, a few conspiracy theories have been delivering false hope to a lot many out here. They are pulling out the idea that 9/11 victims are still alive. Telling families who lost loved ones that their relatives are still alive just to disappoint and making them go through all the pain again is even worse.

9/11 will never be forgotten, and the victims will always be remembered.