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Andy Samberg Had to Apologize to NBC before Coming Back

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved by NBC after Fox cancelled it. But Andy Samberg had a whole lot of apologies to make before he could return.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg had to make a few apologies before NBC decided to pick on the series that Fox abandoned. Previously, when NBC rejected the pilot for the show, Andy Samberg did not react very well. But he had to make up for it with his apologies before his former employers brought back the famous TV show.

Andy Samberg recently appeared on Conan on Tuesday night. Much to everyone’s amusement, the star was wearing the exact same outfit that he did when he last appeared. But while being on the show, Andy Samberg talked about the fate of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He discussed how Fox cancelled the show. And how it ultimately got chosen by NBC to air. However, the transition of the series between these two channels was not very easy. Especially, as NBC was Andy Samberg’s former employer and he had reacted a bit too much to something.

Andy Samberg’s Apology to NBC

NBC has finally gotten on board to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine after Fox pulled the plugs on it. And although the cast and crew was super delighted with the news, things got a little awkward for Andy Samberg.

Before the television series actually premiered on television, Andy Samberg used to be on Saturday Night Live at NBC. It was this show that he spent 7 years with to develop his career. He was so closely associated to NBC that he would refer to it as his home. But during that time, when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was waiting to take flight, NBC passed on the series. Since Andy Samberg was close to everyone at NBC, he took the whole affair very personally. He reacted by telling almost everyone there to go to hell. But he did a little bit more than that. He went down to the NBC building and practically swiped things off people’s desks. In fact, he was so pissed that he went all the way down to the mail room and punk’d some people.

Obviously, nobody back at NBC would have been pleased with how Andy Samberg reacted. So he shared that this last month has been somewhat like an apology tour for him. But even then everyone is delighted to be back. However, it seems like NBC is ready to bury the hatchet with Andy Samberg. The channel ordered an additional six episodes for season 6 on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And that makes the total count go from the initial 13 to 18.

The Revival Of B99 On NBC

Andy Samberg also discussed the revival of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And all the real and imaginary tweets that helped bring the show back on. In fact, a lot many of the celebrities got involved as well. But thankfully, NBC finally considered giving it a shot.

The cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has probably been one of the most controversial decisions. And only moments after Fox announced that the sitcom won’t return, fans started expressing their rage online. While talking about their decision, the Fox CEO announced that they loved the show. And that it had phenomenal cast with great creators. They said that they really did not have the right place to schedule it this year. It performed well on their Sunday night lineup. But they wanted to give Bob’s Burgers a try this time and that makes no spot available for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Only a day after this, NBC decided to get it back on board. The NBC chairman even said in a statement that ever since they sold the show to Fox, they have been regretting it. It’s time that it returns back to its rightful home. The news was terribly exciting to all the fans who had been praying for it’s return.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 will air on NBC in mid-season of 2019.