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Harry Styles talks about his ‘regrettable’ tattoo!

Harry Styles is an icon. With his clothing, attitude, and songs, the Sign of The Times hit singer has got his own way. In everything. With his often feminine clothing and sensitive attitude it may come as a surprise that the former one direction star has a particular interest in tattoos. When he was a part of One Direction most fans knew him to be the curly hair hottie with his chest full of tattoos. In a recent interview with NPR, Styles opens up about the one tattoo he may actually regret. He also does a Tiny Desk Concert and it is simply a delight to watch.

Harry Styles talks about his ‘regrettable’ tattoo

As most fans might know Harry Styles is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers. Harry simply loves the team. At a concert in 2016, Harry Styles wore the Packers’ traditional cheese hat to signify his support for the team.

But more interesting we found that Harry Styles has a tattoo of the Green Bay Packers logo.

“I got a tattoo in 2013 as a joke with a friend.”

The two thought it would be fun if they got the tattoo of their favorite team in case they won. However, Harry, who has utter faith in the team, decides that he will get the tattoo before the match. You know, since he was so confident that the team would win but it did not. And so, Harry Styles had a tattoo of the Green Bay Packers in black and white that looks more like the logo of the University of Georgia,

When asked how Harry came to be a Packers fan, he responds saying,

Okay so, when I was about 6 years old, I fell off my bike. And I cut my knee and then I bled green and gold. (Harry laughs) and that was it!

Harry is such an adorable goof! He then clarifies it saying how he actually became a fan. He had a friend in LA who came from Appleton, WI. Harry loved the games and then Harry came to love the team. (This is the same friend he got the tattoo with.)

We have got to admit it takes a lot of guts to commit to a sports team or well anything as much as getting a tattoo about it. It is applaudable that Harry Styles literally bleeds green and yellow for his favorite team.