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Harry Styles fans go crazy over $7 candle that smells like him

Harry Styles fans go crazy over $7 candle that smells like him

We all know and love our celebrities. And we would literally spend most of our allowances on their merch and products. One Direction, the 2010s boy band has a whole brand called 1D World that sells their merch. It is a pretty good income. And while most fans have heard about the One Direction fragrances, after a recent Target candle launch, it went viral that a candle smells like Harry Styles. And his fans do not need to be told twice. The candle took mere hours to go out of stock across the States.

Target sells out a candle that smells like Harry Styles

So, if a whiff, Harry Styles’s fans figured that Target’s Cashmere Vanilla candle smells like Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla Cologne which, is coincidentally Harry’s favorite cologne. The Candle is no longer available in stores of online for fans didn’t take long to buy the candle that costs only $7. As compared to this, the Cologne costs almost $240. The cologne is still available on Sephora for fans who can afford it.

While this whole candle fiasco has not yet been acknowledged by Harry Styles himself, we know for a fact that he has nothing to do with the candle or its making. The Fine Line singer has not released any personal fragrances. Also, there is no news of him doing so anytime soon. However, in case you are too eager to put your hands on the scent, Target also has an Oil Diffuser of the same scent. The product is even made by the same company, Threshold.

So, this candle came as an unexpected surprise to Harry Styles’s fans. Unfortunately, the product was limited to be available for US citizens only. We do hope the Falling singer comes up with a scent soon. It sounds like the perfect thing to use our savings on.