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Shia LaBeouf flashes wedding ring with wife Mia Goth

Shia LaBeouf flashes wedding ring with wife Mia Goth

Actors Shia Labeouf and wife Mia Goth are back together after the couple separated ways back in 2018. Rumors about them reconciling started from January

Jogging during quarantine in Pasadena, Shia LaBeouf flashes his wedding ring from wife, Mia Goth. And this came following good news that the actor has landed a role in Olivia Wilde’s new movie. The actor has been keeping fit and training regularly as he undergoes self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Transformers actor has been burning more calories during a heatwave in Southern California, as seen on Friday. Sporting a blue tee with gray shorts the actor jogged for miles in a nearby neighborhood. The actor fashions mirror glasses with his unconventional exercise attire. The 33-year-old actor and his wife have been back together and living happily since the start of this year. This shot came about when news of his casting in Olivia Wilde’s new movie “Don’t Worry Darling” gets confirmation. He is being cast alongside Chris Pine and Florence Pugh. According to Variety, all that we know of the movie’s plot is that this thriller is set in the 1950s. And is a psychological thriller about a Utopian community in Californian desert.

When did the couple reconcile?

Shia LaBeouf was seen at the Academy Awards wearing his wedding ring. This January. This sparked rumors about the couples’ reconciliation. The couple first met back in 2012 on the sets of Lars von Trier film Nymphomaniac. And the pair claims they tied the knot in 2016 in Los Angeles. The actor confirms his wedding rumors on Ellen DeGeneres Show of marrying the British actress, Mia Goth, one week after they wed. in LA. The couple has had a long but complicated relationship since 2012.