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How Harrison Ford broke the internet on the night of the Oscars!

How Harrison Ford broke the internet on the night of the Oscars!

Harrison Ford pretty much broke the internet after his appearance on the 2021 Oscars ceremony. Why? Click the link to find out.

We all know that Harrison Ford is a very unconventional Hollywood star. Whereas many others thrive in their flamboyance and being gregarious, he’s one of those who prefer to remain in their element and do not hesitate in voicing their discontent if they’re forced to socialize outside of it. Moreover, he brings that wit and sarcastic charm to several of his interviews. And so, he continued that tradition as one of the presenters at the 2021 Oscars ceremony as well.

How Harrison Ford stole the night at the Oscars

How Harrison Ford broke the internet on the night of the Oscars!

It’s no hidden secret that Harrison Ford, probably the most famous Star Wars actor there is, doesn’t really enjoy the franchise as much as his fans do. Unlike Mark Hamill, who fully embraced the fandom, Ford historically wanted his character, Han Solo, to die off quickly. And he finally got that wish, however almost 40 years later.

And despite his best attempt to stay off the screen, Ford did appear at the 93rd Academy Awards. There he presented the Award for Best Editing, however, he introduced it in a very peculiar manner. He began by sharing some “editorial suggestions” for one of his most famous sci-fi movies from the 80s – Blade Runner. In it, he played the role of Rick Deckard and reprised the role in 2017 in Blade Runner 2049. He shared some of the suggestions and pretty made everyone chuckle at Union Station. You can watch the speech here:

Social media erupted after hearing his speech

As soon as his speech went on the air, Twitter pretty much erupted showing their love and admiration for Harrison Ford’s genuine comments. They noted how Ford almost categorically hates attending these events.

Everyone was basically having a blast sharing all sorts of memes related to Harrison Ford.

In the end, even Mark Hamill chipped in with how much he enjoys the Indiana Jones actor’s speech, tweeting:

Therefore, one can easily conclude that the love fans have for Harrison Ford has aged like fine wine. With the age of the internet, his following and disdain for celebrity culture and these ceremonies just becomes more apparent than ever before. And that is why, he will always remain one of the most favorite actors Hollywood has ever produced. What do you think of his speech? Let us know in the comments below.