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Hailey Baldwin had Plastic Surgery?

Has Hailey Baldwin had plastic surgery? According to Beauty and Plastic Surgery YouTuber Lorry Hill, she has. In a new video, she shared the number of ways she can tell when someone gets the surgery done. And she claimed that Justin Bieber has definitely had one and denies it. We dug into it too. Well, keep reading to find out what she shared.

Has Justin Biebers’ wife had plastic surgery?

According to Lorry Hill, there are two types of plastic surgery deniers. One are fans of the celebrity who refuse to see what the celebrity has done. “Then there are people who genuinely don’t see what I see.”

She picked out Hailey Baldwin as she is someone who has had minimal work done. This is not o say that Lorry is against surgeries. She has rhinoplasty and lip fillers done. And the point of her channel is to tell people that plastic surgery is ‘not’ an insult.

Talking about Justin Biebers’ wife, she said that considering how natural she looks, she actually has changes made to her face.

The thing I’m starting to learn is the more natural someone looks, the more plastic surgery they seem to have had. Especially in Hollywood.

Hailey Baldwin’s before and after

Lorry stated that Hailey’s work is really subtle and gradual. She has noticed that Hollywood surgeons have learned from their past mistakes of giving actors overnight makeovers for the public.

Nowadays I have noticed plastic surgeons are doing gradual work drawn-out within a period of three to five even ten years.

Let’s start with Hailey’s eyebrows. Lorry believes that her eyebrows had a lateral brow lift. This can be done with botox as well as surgically. There are also changes in her hairline. The distance between her eyebrows and hairline has gotten smaller.

Regarding eyes, it is Lorry’s opinion that she had an upper blepharoplasty done. She used to have a naturally hooded eye which is now gone. This gave her more makeup space on her lids and opened her eyes. This was a good decision for her as this type of hooded eye droops to the extent that it can affect one’s field of vision later in life.

Now Lorry says she spent about 2-3 hours analyzing Hailey Baldwin’s nose. Her original nose was so much like her fathers’. 2015 onwards, her nose started to look different. It looks like she got a septoplasty done to straighten it out. As well as a hump removal.

Haley Baldwin denied any surgery in an interview.

Lorry Hill has an excellent observation. She also points out many more minute details and surgery on Justin Biebers’ wife’s face. However, her main point is that celebrities can be more honest and truthful about this. It’s irresponsible for their fans to deny it. After all, there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery done.