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Guns Akimbo Starring Daniel Radcliffe & Natasha Liu Bordizzo Out Soon

The Jason Lei Howden-directed action comedy Guns Akimbo, which is currently filming in New Zealand is set to release soon. Though the director has not given out any release date, the fans are pretty excited. The returning actor, Daniel Radcliffe; popularly known for his work in the Harry Potter series and Natasha Liu Bordizzo; the astounding actress from the Netflix special, Crouching Tiger and The Society, have had fans on their toes.

The Plot

The plot of Guns Akimbo deals with the life of a character named Miles, played by Daniel Radcliffe. Miles is an ordinary person, whose life turns around when he enters the world of the dark web. He encounters digital battles, where exploitation of the weaker players is the only gateway to success.

The battles are broadcast globally; the tougher individual, the better they perform. Somehow, this leads to the enemies kidnapping Miles’ (Daniel Radcliffe) ex-girlfriend Nova. Consequently, Miles has to give up his digital success for the girl he still loves.

What do we know about Guns Akimbo?

Apart from the slight sneak peek of the plot of Guns Akimbo, the cast and some sights of the filming set, we don’t know a lot about the movie. There is no official trailer of Guns Akimbo as of yet either. However, videos of behind the scenes, interviews, and opinions on the project have come up on YouTube.

People are discussing the movie with great interest in different social platforms and community forums like Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and Facebook. What makes this project special is the collaboration of Daniel Radcliffe and Natasha Liu Bordizzo. The two individuals bring a lot of talent to share from the two halves of the world; Britain and Australia. The question that surrounds everyone is whether the project will live up to the standard it promised?