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Diving into Grammys 2019 Song of the Year: Who Will Win?

Grammys 2019 are just right around the corner. And with loads of predictions coming in, we decided to give our take on it. But we are taking a deep look at the The Recording Academy’s 61st Grammy Awards and its nominees. Today, we focus on Song of The Year.  The award for Song of the Year is to pay respect to outstanding artistic achievement as well as technical ability in the music recording industry. It differentiates from other Awards in the Grammys because it is awarded only for a single track or a single song from an album. The Song of the Year award focuses on the composition and not on its recording.

Here Are the Nominees for the 61st Grammy Awards happening on 10th February 2019.

Song of the Year

  • “All the Stars”
    By Kendrick Duckworth, Solána Rowe, Al Shuckburgh, Mark Spears and Anthony Tiffith, songwriters (Kendrick Lamar and SZA)
  • “Boo’d Up” 
    By Larrance Dopson, Joelle James, Ella Mai and Dijon McFarlane, songwriters (Ella Mai)
  • “God’s Plan” 
    By Aubrey Graham, Daveon Jackson, Brock Korsan, Ron LaTour, Matthew Samuels and Noah Shebib, songwriters (Drake)
  • “In My Blood”
    By Teddy Geiger, Scott Harris, Shawn Mendes and Geoffrey Warburton, songwriters (Shawn Mendes)
  • “The Joke” 
    By Brandi Carlile, Dave Cobb, Phil Hanseroth and Tim Hanseroth, songwriters (Brandi Carlile)
  • “The Middle” 
    By Sarah Aarons, Jordan K. Johnson, Stefan Johnson, Marcus Lomax, Kyle Trewartha, Michael Trewartha and Anton Zaslavski, songwriters (Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey)
  • Shallow
    By Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt, songwriters (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper)

All the Stars

Grammys 2019, Song of the Year, Prediction

Truly a masterpiece brought to us by Kendrick Lamar and SZA. The song was written for providing the soundtrack of the groundbreaking movie Black Panther. It has symbolism pertaining to the movie, which definitely tugs at the heart strings of true Black Panther fans. Though, despite being written for the movie, Kendrick Lamar adds in verses that takes inspiration from his old life where he grew up on the streets riddled with gangsters. Lamar showcases his life ideals where he tells us that he is not interested in rewards but rather just his goals. Moreover, the catchy tunes complement the raw yet refined singing of both Lamar and SZA.

In My Blood

Grammys 2019, Song of the Year, Prediction

Shawn Mendes has outdid himself this past year with releasing major songs such as In My Blood and Youth. It’s thought to be a powerful song that touches upon the topics of stress and anxiety. More so than just being a teenage obsession, Shawn Mendes proves that he is capable of translating strong motivational messages that shed lights on mental health issues society often ignores. Plus, the artistic creativity overflows with the way In My Blood was composed. The singing of Mendes has matured in wonderful ways, with his voice focused and passionate.


sddefault Grammys 2019, Song of the Year, Prediction

Everyone who’s seen A Star is Born fell in love with it and all of the songs featured in it. But Shallow takes the lead with it being the leading single of the movie. The tone of Shallow has been gracefully paced. Reaching the right lows and the perfect highs, Lady Gaga once again proves how nuanced and flawless her songs can be. Overcoming a lot, the depth of the song will capture your attention and have you listening to it for quite a while. Lady Gaga has a big chance this year!

Boo’d Up

Grammys 2019, Song of the Year, Prediction

Ella Mai had her debut commercial single by this unique new song. It holds something familiar in its tone yet there’s something different that Ella Mai adds with her distinct singing style. Originally written by Joelle James, Ella still did the song justice. Boo’d up starts off as a catchy pop song but levels up as the song progresses. Though, competing with a lot of already established singers like Lamar, Gaga and Drake it seems unlikely that Boo’d up will snatch the Song of the Year award this time.

God’s Plan

Grammys 2019, Song of the Year, Prediction

The highly popular video where Drake is seen handing out all the money to people who genuinely needed it. More so than being a heartwarming music video, the song is mellow in just the right manner. Drake’s musical talents were given a chance to shine again in the song. However, most critics declared it as just another typical Drake song. Though, we are just content with that as well.

The Middle

Grammys 2019, Song of the Year, Prediction

Zedd, Maren Morris and the Grey came together to give us the ultimate pop anthem of 2018. You could hear this in a lot of backgrounds because it got pretty popular really fast. Though, it contained the elements of a typical pop song and didn’t bring anything entirely new to the table. It was a really good effort but doesn’t exactly match the musical genius to the likes of the other comepeting songs.

The Joke

Grammys 2019, Song of the Year, Prediction

Brandi Carlile is gaining a lot of attention this Grammy’s 2019 because she is the most nominated female in the Grammys. Apart from being nominated for Song of The Year,“The Joke” is also nominated for Record of the Year. Moreover, her album By The Way, I Forgive You is also nominated. And to be fair, she deserves it. Brandi Carlile truly gave it her all in her latest releases. Her song The Joke may not hit you instantly but as you keep listening, Brandie Carlile reels you in with her uplifting message and riveting voice. The meaning behind the lyrics motivate anyone listening who feels discouraged by society. Likewise, the composition of the song is nothing but spectacular.

Prediction on winner of Song of The Year in Grammys 2019

Undoubtedly, all of the songs listed here deserve to be listened and given their due worth. But, there are strong bets on Shallow by Lady Gaga. The singer has been nominated for this category several times in the past that now it just seems it’s her time to finally win the Grammy for it. Moreover, the polished yet poetic song definitely deserves it too.

Who would you like to see win Song of the Year in Grammys 2019?