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Gilmore Girls: Lauren Graham & Scott Patterson Didn't Feud On Set

Gilmore Girls: Lauren Graham & Scott Patterson Didn’t Feud On Set

For any Gilmore Girls fan, Luke and Lorelai were the perfect couple. From the moment we first saw the two characters on screen, we could not help but notice the overwhelming chemistry between the two. Even though it took them both a long time to get together, all Gilmore Girls fans were rooting for them from the start.

However, there were rumors flying about that suggested Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai Gilmore, and Scott Patterson, who played Luke Danes, actually did not like each other in real life. But we never could know whether the rumors were true or not. Until now.

Lauren Graham On Getting Along With Scott Patterson On Gilmore Girls

The question of whether the two had problems getting along was always sprung up. No matter what interview the two actors were doing, that question was always there.

And to this day, Lauren Graham has maintained that any talk of a feud is not true at all. She has always insisted that she and co-actor, Scott Patterson have always gotten along perfectly fine. According to her, the two share a perfectly great working relationship.

While talking to TV Guide in 2007, Lauren said that their relationship was “totally great. It’s a working relationship, like most of them are. But he was so great in that part. I really loved my scenes with him and the chemistry we had. Our banter was among the most fun stuff to do.”

However, even if the two seemed to have a good working relationship, it does not mean Scott was Lauren’s favorite co-actor. Lauren has actually admitted to having closer relationships with Lorelai’s other love interests. For example, Chris Eigeman, who she was friends with for years before he got cast in Gilmore Girls. Chris Eigeman played Lorelai’s love interest, Jason Stiles.

Lauren also stated that she had a friendly relationship with the actor who played Rory Gilmore’s dad, David Sutcliffe.

What Does Scott Patterson Think?

If there was a feud between the two actors, it was not there at the start of their relationship. Scott Patterson has been pretty open in interviews about the first impression he had of Lauren.

While talking with Glamour, Scott claimed that when he first met Lauren, the only thing he could think of was keeping things professional. So in short, he thought Lauren was pretty cute.

However, if the two do not hate each other then where did the rumors come from?

Well actually, it was Lauren herself that first fed fuel to the fire.

In an interview about Gilmore Girls, Lauren was asked if she and Scott were best friends in real life. However, Lauren quickly said, “no” and moved on to the next question. And of course, keen-eyed Gilmore Girls fans immediately thought the two might not be getting along in real life as well as they did on the show.

However, now we know that it was not the case and things are fine and friendly in Stars Hollow.