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Gillian Anderson Shares Her Favorite 'Sex Education' Scenes

Gillian Anderson Shares Her Favorite ‘Sex Education’ Scenes

While Gillian Anderson's Sex Education is one of a kind show, she has a few favorite scenes. She told her fans in a Q/A sessions.

Since its release, Gillian Anderson’s Sex Education has been Netflix’s most-watched show. Recently, she did an interesting Q&A session and shared her favorite scenes from the show.

While the show is incredible, Gillian Anderson’s Sex Education character is one of the best.

Jean Milburn, a divorced single parent who is a well-known sex-therapist, has issues dealing with her son. While she is supportive and comforting, her son Otis (Asa Butterfield) does not like her interference and thinks she oversteps. In season one, Gillian Anderson’s Sex Education character seemed strong-headed, detached, and focused on her career. However, she goes through a transformation in the second season. Her relationship with Jakob takes a turn, her ex-husband returns, and she gets hired at her son’s school. At the show’s end, she also finds out about her pregnancy. This seems a lot to take for Gillian Anderson’s Sex Education character. It will be interesting to see her character’s further transformation in the next season.

Recently, she held a Q/A session with her fans and shared her favorite scenes from the show

While some wanted to know how she spends time in quarantine, others wanted her to share her favorite books. However, one fan asked Gillian Anderson’s Sex Education favorite and funniest scenes. In response to that, she said:

Gosh there’s so many. Asa wanking in the car all afternoon was pretty funny. Mostly because of his stamina. I don’t think I saw him make the same expression twice. He’s just game and shameless and that’s incredibly endearing.

Furthermore, she said:

Also the scene where Mrs Groff and I get drunk was also really fun. There are a lot of outtakes from that scene and I’m hoping that Netflix will share with the planet before our quarantine is up because I think it might cheer everybody up.

If you ask me, every scene of Netflix’s Sex Education is epic.