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Free Guy | Ryan Reynolds Plays a Character We Kill in Video Games

Free Guy | Ryan Reynolds Plays a Character We Kill in Video Games

Sometimes we ignore how important Non-playable characters are to us in video games as entertainment. Hadn’t it been for them, open-world games would become so boring the minute we end Story Mode. Fortunately, Matt Lieberman came up with a brilliant idea to dedicate a movie to these soulless characters we casually crush. Ryan Reynolds stars in a 2020’s release, Free Guy, as an NPC called “Guy”. With its trailer out now, the movie is directed by Shawn Levy; this comedy is something we gamers should especially watch!

Ryan Reynolds Is An NPC Who Broke The Game!

We all play video games, we all played them at least in some parts of our life. Right? Have you seen those people who run away when you shoot at them, or you casually run over them with your car? I mean the ones who get back up when you’re done crushing them with your car in some Crazy Taxi-like games? Well, those are Non-Playable Characters, and sometimes they are all we have got to have fun in Open World Games.

In Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy, we are about to see an NPC who has come to “life”. In a Grand Theft Auto-type video game, Guy lives a monotonous life. He doesn’t know what is he doing, he just does it because he has to. Guy wears the same clothes every day and does the same job every day; he doesn’t question anything. He is the perfect NPC designed by someone “not in his realm”. This goes on until he wears these glasses that make him “aware” of his surroundings. Watch the trailer below to know more:

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a new approach to typical gaming movies. This is where we will witness what is it like when we destroy an NPC just because we are getting bored in real life! It was originally going to release on July of this year. But the date was pushed due to the ongoing pandemic.