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Five Feet Apart Now Available in DVD

Five Feet Apart Now Available in DVD

Justin Baldoni's new film Five Feet Apart inspired by Claire Wineland starring Cole Sprouse, Haley Lu Richardson is now available in DVD.

The new Justin Baldoni love story Five Feet Apart is now available all in Blu-ray, Digital and DVD. Baldoni’s new movie of two teenagers battling cystic fibrosis is sure to leave you all in tears. But the romantic movie is actually inspired by his close friend Claire Wineland who died battling the same condition. After filming a documentary on her, Justin Baldoni developed a special bond with Wineland. Although Wineland was not in a relationship with anybody going through cystic fibrosis, Baldoni was inspired by Wineland’s immense positivity and courage. This inspiration eventually led to the movie.

Starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson, Five Feet Apart has been a public hit since its March release. Now that its out in other versions, it seems to be all over the market!

Justin Baldoni Reveals ‘Five Feet Apart’ Is Out in Other Versions

Justin Baldoni took to social media to share a snap of Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson from his new romantic movie. Alongside the picture, he expressed his excitement and happiness at his movie’s couple being everywhere in stores. He shared that Five Feet Apart was officially out in Blu-Ray, DVD and also available on Digital Television. In fact, it came with special features this time, and ones that the audience may not have experienced before. That includes being able to watch deleted scenes, and also an alternate ending!

The comments section exploded with excited fans remarking on how great it was to now have an alternate ending to their new all-time favorite romantic movie. It seems like we are not the only people who needed tissues while watching Five Feet Apart. Cole Sprouse’s Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart was left in tears after she watched the film as well.