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Aidan Gallagher For You Music Video Releasing on 14th June


Aidan Gallagher is perfectly balancing his roles as both the musician and an actor. He is currently shooting for season 2 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy in Toronto. That’s not it. Gallagher has just dropped his single For You few days back and now he is all set to release the official music video on YouTube. The video releases on 14th June and his followers have literally set alarms to check it out.

People Behind Aidan Gallagher’s For You

Aidan Gallagher keeps proving he has more talents than you can count on your fingertips. The actor and singer has self produced For You. Music, lyrics and engineering are also done exclusively and solely by him. The audio track was released a week ago and Aidan Gallagher had a valid reason behind it.

Full music video out next Friday but I want a week where you just listen to the music before you get distracted by the video.

The video is directed and edited by his father Rob Gallagher. You can check out the video here after release:

Aidan Gallagher For You, The Umbrella Academy, Trinity Rose

Surprise Appearance Expected In The Video

Guess who might be appearing in the video. We agree that the song appears romantic. But, no, you are wrong. Dorothy is not appearing in the video. (if you do not get this reference you need to watch The Umbrella Academy). Aidan Gallagher’s best friend Trinity Rose has a 99.99% chance to appear in the video.

Gallagher and Rose themselves teased the fans about it in one of Gallagher’s recent Instagram post comments. He initially said he has edited out all of Rose’s scenes. When Rose teasingly called him mean, he explained:

Just kidding. I know they’re all going to be watching for you (Heart emoji). It’s all FOR YOU (Heart emoji).

Real Muse Behind Aidan Gallagher’s For You

Now there is also a chance that Trinity Rose might not be appearing in the video. After the audio release of For You, she wrote:

Such a beautiful song! Won’t give away the meaning though :p

Aidan Gallagher has himself given away the meaning in his Instagram post comments now. It’s basically Earth singing the song to humanity. It is a beautiful song with a deep meaning and a perfect message for all of us:

Take me now
I don’t know how
But I need someone tonight
Don’t think about it
Don’t waste a moment
You don’t have much time

If you don’t defend me
I can’t guarantee my heart will survive

So pretend that you love me
Pretend you’re not lying
When you say that you still dream about me
Like I still do, for you.

Aidan Gallagher is UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for North America since 2018 and he is working very hard to save our planet. This song proves his love for Earth and Humanity.