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Even Derry Girls’ Dylan Llewellyn Ships James and Erin

Derry Girls season 2 finally arrived on Netflix and it was as witty and entertaining as the first one. It’s definitely one of the most underrated shows on Netflix! Our main ensemble of Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson ), Orla (Louisa Harland), Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), Clare (Nicola Coughlan) and of course James (Dylan Llewellyn) was up and at it in Derry in this season. We got to see a lot of interesting moments but one in particular melted many hearts.

James and Erin Impromtu Date

I’m talking about the prom date where James takes Erin to the dance when she gets stood up by a guy she really liked. James arrived to save the day when Erin’s mum rang him. He was so quick to be Erin’s date that he even missed his own Doctor Who convention. It led to many people out there who started shipping Erin and James.

A fan even made a montage of the two:

hqdefault Derry Girls, Dylan Llewellyn

We have to admit. Dylan Llewellyn’s James and Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s Erin make an adorable couple. Do you know who else thinks so? Llewellyn himself!

And then beneath the post, a fan commented on how they ship James and Erin. As a response, Dylan Llewellyn said that he ships them too.

It’s interesting to see that we would actually come to this point because James was constantly bullied by the girls of the group. Bullying James was a running joke because of his English ethnicity.

Yet, the finale of Derry Girls season 2 made us all cry. James was about to leave Derry with his mum that suddenly wanted her son back. When he broke the news to the girls, all of their hearts broke simultaneously. It was at that moment where we realize that the girls cherish James much more than we thought.

Derry Girls, Dylan Llewellyn

It was a beautiful moment shared by all of the main cast. Ultimately, James ends up staying with the rest of the gang in Derry, fully accepting his identity as a Derry Girl.

James and Erin Might Get Together On Derry Girls Season 3

Now, that the group finally acknowledges their love for James season 3 might actually make these James and Erin a couple! The show has already been renewed for another season by its network Channel 4.

Derry Girls is a show revolving around a group of teenagers during the time of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Lisa McGee is the creator and the show premiered in 2018. All 2 seasons are now available to stream on Netflix.