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Underrated Netflix Shows You Need To Watch

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August is here, which means that school’s starting again. But we can’t let our vacations end without a binge-watching marathon because we all know, once school starts it’s going to hard to binge-watch. So, we bring you the best and most underrated Netflix shows. They’re so good you’re going to wonder how you didn’t know of them of already. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back!


We’re starting the list off with a serious one. The Game of Thrones star Richard Madden stars in the show and to be honest that’s enough reason to watch the show. But we’re not that shallow. Except for the obvious eye candy that Richard Madden is, Bodyguard is perhaps one of the best crime shows ever. The show boasts of 97% rating and to be very honest, it deserves it. The three percent is because well they messed up the ending. That though comes as no surprise as good shows do tend to have shitty endings. Yes, we just shaded Game of Thrones.


Are y’all’s brain cells working? Because how can you not watch this!! But it’s understandable too because this show needs functioning brain cells. One little detail missed and you don’t know what’s going on. Ozark stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney and they’re phenomenal in their respective roles. The show revolves around an American family and how they get tangled up in a world of crime.


We’ve been raving on about Dark for ages and if y’all still haven’t watched, then well this is your last warning. WATCH THIS SHOW. Watch it and we promise you’ll forget Stranger Things. Yes, we went there and yes we said that. While Stranger Things has its own captivating story, Dark goes a bit further than that.

Derry Girls

We think we’ve given you enough serious stuff to watch and too much brainstorming is not good. So this show on our list is for you to relax and watch. You’ll laugh and even understand a little bit of Irish politics of the ’90s. Derry Girls is perhaps the most underrated Netflix show and we’re not even sure if it got renewed. But for what it’s worth, watch the first two seasons. You won’t regret it.

Sex Education

Some would argue that this shouldn’t be in a list for the most underrated Netflix shows but trust us. We’ve got reasons to put this on the list. This show despite being fairly popular is still quite underrated. It has a cult following but that’s about it. It didn’t go mainstream and it deserves too. It really does. It’s funny, romantic and above all educational.

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