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Dennis Quaid To Star in 'Reagan', 'Saurus City' & 'Midway'

Dennis Quaid To Star in ‘Reagan’, ‘Saurus City’ & ‘Midway’

Dennis Quaid is certainly keeping himself busy these days. He is going to appear in Merry Happy Whatever alongside Ashley Tisdale. Moreover, he has three other movie projects all lined up. Dennis Quad is going to star in Reagan, Saurus City and Midway.

Here’s what we know the new movie projects.

Reagan | Movie About Late President

This is a biopic revolving around the life of Ronald Reagan. It stars Dennis Quaid as Ronald Reagan himself alongside Jon Voight, Robert Dovi and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. David Henrie will be playing the younger version of Ronald. It is currently in pre-production. The movie will follow the life of the late president from his childhood until his time in the Oval Office. It’s going to touch upon topics such as his time as the governor of California and how he contributed to destroying the Berlin Wall. It will also showcase Reagan’s struggles with Alzheimer’s disease. John Hinckley Jr., the man who tried to assassinate the president, will be added in the story line as well.

The director is Sean McNamara while the script is written by Howard Klausner. Klausner is basing this script on the two biographies on the actual president which were written by Paul Kengor. Mark Joseph and Ralph Winter are going to serve as producers of the movie Reagan.

Dennis Quaid this to say about the movie:

“Reagan was a fascinating and multifaceted human being and this movie captures his humanity. We’re making a movie for Republicans and Democrats alike since Reagan transcends politics. I can’t wait to get started.”

Reagan’s release date is not known as of yet. Perhaps, it’ll come in around two years because the movie is still in pre-production

Saurus City | Stop Motion Film

Dennis Quaid is going to be voicing in the new animated movie Saurus City. It is currently in production. The best part about this movie is that is going to be stop motion. The production companies working on this are Motion Foundry Studios and Infinity Rising.

The cast includes Dennis Quaid, Emma Roberts, Ron Perlman and Tim Meadows. Nathan Smith is going to be both directing and writing the movie. The story is going to revolve around Slade Klossus (voiced by Ron Perlman)  who wants to become a Raptor Knight again after circumstances unknighted him. For this, he has to go to the Saurus City, a brilliant city built on the back of a brontosaurus. Moreover, there is going to be dwarves in the fascinating story as well.

It’ll probably be released in a couple of years since the animation is going to take plenty of time.

Midway | American War Film

Midway is a movie about the Battle of Midway that occurred in World War 2. It certainly has an impressive cast including Dennis Quaid, Ed Skrein, Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson, Patrick Wilson, Mandy Moore, Darren Criss, Nick Jonas, Alexander Ludwig and Aaron Eckhart. Wes Tooke is the screenwriter whereas Roland Emmerich is the director.

Luckily, there’s a trailer for this American war film:

Dennis Quaid

The release date for Midway is November 8th in 2019.