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17-Year Old Instagrammer’s Maniac Killer Brandon Clark Pleads Not Guilty

17-year old Instagram personality Bianca Devins was killed by 21-Year old Brandon Clark about two weeks back. The killer Brandon posted Bianca’s slit neck photos on Discord and 4chan. Bianca Devins’ family is still trying to recover from the loss of a beautiful daughter whereas Brandon Clark’s family shared distress. However, the killer Brandon Clark has pleaded not guilty in the court now.

Bianca Devins’ Killer Brandon Clark Pleads Not Guilty

Brandon Clark was indicted for the second-degree murder of Bianca Devins as there were enough proofs available to justify it. After the initial investigation and indictment, the District Attorney’s office made an offer to Brandon Clark on the judge’s order. They offered Brandon to plead guilty and serve 25 years to life. However, he rejected the offer and pleaded not guilty, which raises many questions on his current motives.  Brandon is accused of killing the teenager Bianca and posting gruesome pictures online, showing her dead body.

Brandon himself was hospitalized following the incident as he stabbed his own neck in a suicide attempt when the police arrived. He went through emergency surgery and is currently being held at Oneida County Correctional Facility.

The Motives Behind Bianca Devins’ Murder

Though the actual motives behind 17-Year old Instagram personality Bianca Devins’ murder still remain uncertain. However, it is assumed that Brandon flipped out when Bianca kissed another person at a concert they were attending out of their hometown. Brandon was her ride for the concert and when they reached their hometown Utica, Brandon murdered Bianca. He also called 911, but apparently, gamers led police to the scene. As meanwhile, her pictures shared on Discord, a gaming chatroom, stirred caution and many gamers called Utica Police Department.

The first call was from Tennessee. Someone on Discord saw the picture of her. She appeared to be deceased with a large wound on her neck, and it said her name and Utica, New York.

Facebook Has Not Taken Action Against Bianca’s Pictures

While Instagram faced backlash after the platform failed to delete Bianca Devins’ pictures. Facebook joins the army of inhuman community standards. Kim Devins, Bianca’s mother, reported a Facebook profile as the page had shared 17-Year old Bianca’s murder pictures. But apparently, it is still not against their Community Standards. On the contrary, they suggested blocking the profile so that the post does not appear in her news feed.

Her family members who have already seen the pictures are scarred for life but the social media companies are still focused on their profit.