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DC Show Harley Quinn Gets A Sneak Peek For Season 2

DC Show Harley Quinn Gets A Sneak Peek For Season 2

Everyone who attended this year’s C2E2 received a special treat from DC as they revealed a sneak peek of Season 2 of their brand new show Harley Quinn. Starring Kaley Cuoco as Joker‘s lover girl, the show is entirely based on the life of the crazy psychiatrist after finally getting tired of Joker rejecting her love. The show quickly moves on with the main storyline where Quinn wants to prove her worth as an equally chaotic evil without the help of her former lover. If she succeeds to do that, she can then get included in Legion of Doom, a supervillain Hall of Fame kind of thing.

 Harley Quinn Season 2 At C2E2

The Harley Quinn series initially kicked off on DC‘s very own streaming service by the end of Nov 2019. The show tries to offer a dark humour on Gotham City and its main villains. The first season has 13 episodes where we see Kaley Cuoco’s character living with Poison Ivy, her best friend. The season focuses on Quinn’s journey to becoming a member of Legion of Doom after breaking up with Joker. She tries to form her own band of supervillains by recruiting King Shark, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, Ivy and Sy Borgman. Recent reports are telling that Catwoman and Dr Freeze will also come on the show Harley Quinn, perhaps in Season 2.

Although there is no set storyline for season 2 of Harley Quinn, the next season will also hold 13 episodes. The C2E2 or Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo was held between Feb 28 till Mar 1, 2020. It included a number of different stars, writers, and voice actors. This year’s main guest list included Mark Ruffalo from Avenger: Endgame, Karl Urban from The Boys, Emmy Ravel-Lampan from The Umbrella Academy and Steve Amell from Arrow.

The DC show also stars Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Diedrich Bader, Rahul Kohli, Tony Hale and Christopher Meloni. Season 2 will begin from April 3, 2020.