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Priah Ferguson Promoted to Series Regular on Stranger Things

It seems like Erica Sinclair is going to rule the season 4 of Stranger Things. Priah Ferguson is promoted to be a series regular.

Although she entered the world of Stranger Things in season 2, Priah Ferguson soon became a phenomenon. However, we will be able to see more of her character, Erica Sinclair, in season 4.

When Stranger Things premiered in 2016, no one expected its popularity

Set in the 1980s in Hawkins, Stranger Things revolves around the younger generation of the town. When Will Byers disappears in the first season, his friends, mother, brother and a cop turn the town upside down to find him. At the same time, Eleven comes into their life and then nothing is the same. The cast of Stranger Things includes Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard.

Initially, Priah Ferguson was introduced in season 2 of Stranger Things as Erica Sinclair

Although she was first seen in season 2, Priah Ferguson became an essential part of the team in season 3. When Erica Sinclair entered the mall to taste some ice cream samples, she did not expect to help save the world. However, as season 3 of Stranger Things proceeded, Erica embraced her nerd-self and came up with genius plans to save her brother’s friends.

While talking about her character on Stranger Things, Priah Ferguson said:

“Erica is definitely confident. She’s a leader. She says what people think. She did a lot of cool stunts. I’ve always had a love for action and stunts, so that was kind of my first little stunt that I’ve done. At first I was scared; I wasn’t just brave to go into the vent. I was like: ‘Am I really going into a vent? What if I get stuck?’ “

After her incredible performance as Erica Sinclair, we can expect to see more of her

Recently, it was announced that Priah Ferguson has been promoted to be a series regular for season 4. It means that we will see more of the sassy and intelligent Erica Ferguson. She will become a prominent part of Eleven and the gang. As she is her own person, it is expected that she will definitely make her presence felt on the screen.

This news has made the wait for season 4 of Stranger Things more difficult.