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Danny Trejo To Appear In The Dynasty Season 3 Finale

Danny Trejo To Appear In The Dynasty Season 3 Finale

Dynasty Season 3 on CW is preparing for a breathtaking finale due to air this Friday, 8th May. On the surface, the crew is preparing for Fallon’s (Elizabeth Gillies) bachelorette party. But, when it comes to the Carringtons, we know that parties don’t really unfold the way they should. With Cristal (Daniella Alonso) sleeping with a priest and Blake (Grant Show) edging closer to finalizing a new deal, there is already a lot for the finale to resolve. But these are all the arcs the show isn’t focusing on right now. It seems that Dynasty really wants its season 3 finale to be about Sammy Jo (Heather Locklear). And it was even summoned Danny Trejo to make the prospect a possibility.

Danny Trejo Comes To Sammy Jo’s Rescue

It appears that after films, games, restaurants, music videos, and literature, Danny Trejo is building a reputation for guest television appearances now. He last cameoed in What We Do In The Shadows’ ceremonial ‘Trial‘, now its time for a brief appearance on Dynasty.

Sam is heading to Eastern Europe to rescue Blake and Anders. And during his hazy flight to Moldavia, he gets a visit from Spy Kids very own Machete. Trejo’s appearance will be a part of a dream sequence, where he will motivate Sammy to explore the ‘badass in him’.

In a new finale, sneak-peek Dynasty revealed about Danny Trejo’s appearance on the show. He appears before a disheveled Sammy to tell him that “Everybody’s got a little badass in them.” Trejo later tells Sam, “You just got to know when to let it out. … Now might be a good time!”

A Premature Ending For Dynasty Season 3

Much Like several other shows the Elizabeth Gillies starrer also had to shut down production before completing its episode order. While the original show, the Moldavian crisis orchestrated into a much larger massacre, the reboot will probably be more gentle now that there is just one episode left.  Dynasty had already scored a season 4, while its season 3 was still on air.