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Danielle Cohn Is Not Acting Her Age Again

Danielle Cohn, the Tik Tok star who faced many controversies this year, is not acting her age again. Even though Danielle Cohn’s age still remains a mystery, whatever she is doing does not seem appropriate for her age as per some commentators. Her father claims she is 13, her mother and Danielle herself claim she is 15. This whole drama lasted for many days but nothing has really affected whatever that young and rising star is posting on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Danielle Cohn has been blamed for not acting like a young teenager. Her latest video with Halloween costumes doesn’t make things better.

Danielle Cohn & Halloween Costumes

Well, Danielle Cohn has filmed many dresses-trial videos with her ex-boyfriends. The theme of the video is to get their reaction while she wears inappropriate dresses for her age. Now the thing is, she does know those dresses are not appropriate at all. And that is exactly why she record the reactions to gain more views and clout. Following the trend, she recorded Halloween Costumes’ trial with her current boyfriend Ethan Fair. Like always, the boyfriend was not really happy to see her in short dresses and costumes.

If you visit her latest Halloween costume reactions video on YouTube, you will see these comments and more of a similar nature.

(1) I wonder how many guys she’s going to do this with.

(2) Why does everybody in the world have to rate her outfits???

(3) boyfriend and my future boyfriends rate my halloween costumes
(4) Bro …i swear every time she gets a boyfriend her videos have to do with clothes….
(5) she literally PURPOSEFULLY exposes her body in front of boys
(6) Why would you want your boyfriends friends looking at you like that lol and what bf would allow that.

Even though some people dislike whatever she is posting, her fans are still supporting her content. Let’s see if she gives in to these comments or she keeps doing what she does.

(7) even if she’s actually 15 this is still sickening and weird? like……