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Danielle Cohn Launches A Couple Instagram Page With Boyfriend

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Danielle Cohn is a teen icon and YouTuber with over 1.53 million subscribers and 4.1 million followers on Instagram. She is only 15-years-old and is now a model, actress, and social media sensation. Often she is surrounded by controversy circulating around her age, her older boyfriends, and how age-appropriate her lifestyle and content are. News is that Cohn just made a couple-Instagram page with her current boyfriend, Ethan Fair.

Danielle Cohn and Ethan Fair

Danielle has been dating Ethan for some time now. Their relationship is completely public and there’s a lot of PDA involved. They routinely post lovey-dovey photos on their social media with sweet but cheesy captions.

Like this one where the two are showing temporary tattoos of each other ‘s names that they got done together.


Ethan fair is also an internet personality with a huge online presence on TikTok and Instagram. He has 420k followers on Insta and more than 509k on TikTok.


Couple Instagram

This is the age of relationship blogs and the ‘gram’ where you can share the best parts of your life.

Well, the young internet star, Danielle Cohn has now created a new Insta page. And it’s all about love. This ‘insta’ is solely about Danielle and her boyfriend, Ethan Fair.

They have a fan following who loves to see the two together and this profile is for them too.

The handle is @danicohn_ethanfair and the bio says “it’s for our fans.”

The profile already has 24,000 followers. So far, Danielle has only posted two videos.

The first one is a compilation of the couple’s pictures together. This was created by a fan.


The second post is also a fan edit of cute videos of Cohn and Fair together.


It’s sweet that the two are crediting their fans’ edits on their couple Instagram.

If you’re a fan of Danielle Cohn, you might want to go and click the follow button for more on the young sweethearts.

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