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Dan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney go shirtless in Imagine Dragons' Follow You music video

Dan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney go shirtless in Imagine Dragons’ Follow You music video

Many Imagine Dragons‘ fans have been desperately waiting for their 5th studio album. Now that it’s finally happening, the excitement has increased beyond measure. The band dropped two tracks Cutthroat and Follow You from their upcoming album last Friday. The track Follow You is Dan’s dedication to his wife, Aja Volkman. This song was written at a very crucial and emotional moment of his life when they decided to cancel their divorce plans. On contrary, the music video of this emotional song is extremely hilarious. In fact, it changes the whole mood. We were definitely not expecting a shirtless Rob McElhenney flaunting his abs along with Dan himself.

Follow You music video starring Rob McElhenney & Kaitlin Olson

For the music video of Follow You, video director Matt Eastin decided to try hilarious bits this time. Matt Eastin has previously directed videos of Whatever it takes, Believer, Roots and On top of the world for Imagine Dragons. And it’s safe to say that these people make the best team when it comes to music videos.

Follow You music video features the famous real-life couple Rob McElhenney & Kaitlin Olson. These “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” cast members proved that only they could play the assigned roles in the best way possible. Video starts of with Olson surprising McElhenney with his favorite band, (which he expects to be The Killers). Instead, she breaks his dreams by telling him that it’s Imagine Dragons instead, which is her favorite band.

While Olson drools over shirtless Dan Reynolds and other band members, Rob McElhenney is imagining a whole other world with him flaunting his abs out there on the stage. For the viewers, you get to see both of your favorite celebrities, Dan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney having fun while being shirtless.

Well, Dan Reynolds does not like his shirts.

While the boys made everyone sweaty, Kaitlin Olson looked amazing sporting a bald cap and a mustache. At the end of the music video, the couple runs away before Imagine Dragons starts playing Radioactive.

Imagine Dragons launches new merch

With the release of their first music video from the upcoming album, Imagine Dragons has also launched their new merch. However, the new merch only features products from the released songs Cutthroat and Follow You. The merch looks awesome.

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