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Dan Levy & Eugene Levy Dissect Youth Slang

We just came across this uber cute video of Dan Levy & Eugene Levy discussing the youth slang. The father-son duo are the creators of hilarious sitcom titled Schitt’s Creek. Now, both of them are explaining youth slang is definitely something you don’t want to miss. Vanity Fair recorded and shared the video for a segment titled Slang School.

As Eugene Levy, who plays John Rose, says:

We are delving into words that will never find their way into a dictionary

Dan Levy + Eugene Levy = FAM

The ice-breaker word picked for the session is FAM. As per Eugene, FAM is short for fame. We had no idea FAM could even mean fame! While dad says it has something to do with the fame, the son clarifies it actually means family or a group of supporters.

Eugene Levy clearly does not understand the need to shorten the word:

So you are saving yourself two syllables

That is true, no?

Our slang is mostly derived from shortening the actual words. Throughout the video Eugene keeps guessing the slang meanings while Dan Levy explains the actual meaning. As per Eugene, Lit is English Literature.

No Sir, it has nothing to do with literature. When explained the actual meaning, Eugene Levy hilariously uses it in a sentence that doesn’t not make sense:

My cigar is lit

My BAE, Best BAE, Extra BAE

Eugene then literally links BAE to Adam as Dan defines it as Before Anyone Else. We can almost guess which Schitt’s Creek characters were created by Eugene. When it came to defining Extra , Dan Levy helps clarify:

 Extra Means to be Extra..this person is being extra right now meaning like they’re being dramatic and no one wants to deal with it. Performative in a way that is not welcome..or comfortable.

If you want to know how Eugene defined TBH, Gucci, Hundo P then watch the whole video below:

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