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Crazy Season 2 Theories From A Final Space Fan

Crazy Season 2 Theories From A Final Space Fan

The American animation industry has flourished dramatically in recent years. Adult comedies like BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty have a cult following of viewers. And their success has inspired more and more creators to come up with their own animations. TBS also has followed the suit of streaming animated comedies, and currently, its most intriguing and brain-teasing fable Final Space has registered a largely acclaimed debut season. The space comedy opera is scheduled to release its season 2 in early 2019. And since it closed its first season on a bewildering note, it has caused fans to speculate about the surprises it will deliver with its upcoming season.

Mooncake is Gary’s Father

Perhaps the cartoon’s biggest yet most obscure presentation is Mooncake and Gary’s relationship. Fans strongly feel, even with fabricated evidence, that there is a bona fide blood relation between the two. Mooncake quickly develops an emotional chord with Gary despite being abused for his powers, perhaps because he is his son. Furthermore, when Future Quinn narrates Gary’s death to him, Mooncake loses his senses. We shall get to know more in season 2 of Final Space.

Everyone But Gary Will Die

While we see Gary inching closer to death every minute, he is not the one who is going to die.  Anyone out of Nightfall, little Cato, Mooncake, or a temporal worm (I think they’re called) might save him by the end of the countdown. However, everyone that Gary knows will eventually die and get replaced. Death, remorse, and loneliness is the central theme in this saga. Nowhere does the show strive to cover up emotionally challenging sequences with humor, nor is the thing it shall try to do. Mooncake stepped into Gary’s father’s shoes, Quinn sacrificed her life, and Gary’s little robot, Kevin, also got destroyed. Though Quinn will supposedly come back, we can surely anticipate more heart-wrenching deaths in future episodes.

Lord Commander and Mooncake Share Powers

Lord Commander’s powers have much to do with or entirely depend on Mooncake’s powers. The Lord Commander is desperately looking for Mooncake, which hints strongly towards a power struggle or a power imbalance. Mooncake’s plight after a forced sacrificial slaughter also links strongly with this theory.

The Final Space Will Kill Gary

Maybe unlocking the Final Space is the central conflict here. Gary can likely unlock Final Space. The Gary- Mooncake union was not a coincidence, which might also be one of the reasons that Quinn wants Gary to live. However, perhaps Nightfall unlocked the Final Space to come and rescue Gary and make Mooncake realize his sinful deeds. Maybe Nightfall is trying to stop Gary from unlocking Final Space, as it might result in his untimely demise.

Titans Aren’t Actually Villains

There is a lot of bewilderment surrounding the Titans. From what we know is that the Titans were vitriolic villains that existed in real space-time. To prevent hell from breaking loose, Titan Bolo imprisoned them. And in a subsequent turn of events, he ended up imprisoned himself. Now the Titans want to be free from the dimension they are trapped in.

First of all, there is a lot of dubiety about the heroism of Titan Bolo, who himself is imprisoned. Is he trustworthy? It might be possible that the other Titans are keeping Bolo captive from harming the universe. And perhaps Bolo has some communication with the evils scattered around the galaxies, which are aiding him in his escape.

Earth has a significant role to play in whatever is going on with these Titans. What we’re being told is not the whole truth. We’d probably have Titans roaming the Universe if it was.

Let’s see which theories come true in season 2 of Final Space!