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Corinna Kopf Goes To Feud With Controversial Twitch Streamer Alinity

Twitch seemingly has biased streaming policies that are getting on gamers’ nerve. Streamers, for instance, Ninja, are responding by leaving Twitch for another “better” streaming service. Recently, streamer and model Corinna Kopf, or better known as Pouty Girl, got banned from the platform as well. Twitch claims that she was wearing undergarments on a live stream, which she continues to deny. She also claims that Twitch streamer Alinity enjoys the bias as she escapes every controversy she gets into. A claim which led to a spark of the feud.

Corinna Kopf Is Mad Over Twitch’s Bias

Twitch streamer Alinity is no stranger to controversy. She seemingly strives on it as there are numerous cases where she should have been banned, but was not. Her fight against PewDiePie over copyrights’ claim for merely showing her face is just one issue. She angered most of her viewers and fans when she flung her cat over her head on the live stream. Instead of apologizing immediately, she merely told her viewers “I thought you guys would not notice”.

Now, she has come in contact with Corinna Kopf, a streamer whom Twitch recently banned. Corinna made a Twitch stream in order to celebrate her birthday with her 400,000 followers. While on the live session, she got banned by the website for showing parts of her body. Twitch claimed she was wearing “undergarments” which is an offense in streaming policies. And so, Corrinna Kopf took to twitter to rant:

Alinity responded to her in a subtle way, possibly trying to defuse tension:

Unluckily, Corinna was not in the mood:

As disgusting and weird as it sounds, it happened. Alinity made a totally weird pose and well, see for yourself:

The Pouty Girl wins the round with:

Pokimane on Alinity

Now, Corinna Kopf might be wearing a revealing outfit that goes against Twitch’s streaming policies. However, looking at Alinity’s Twitch streams, we sure do question why she always gets away with everything and anything so easily. One of the biggest female Twitch streamers, Pokimane, answered to this in her stream conversation with other gamers.

Alinity is a punching bag for Twitch streamers and viewers for many reasons, this time for Corinna Kopf.