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MrBeast will be Available as a ‘Youtooz’ Miniature Now!

Conceiver of #TeamTrees initiative and YouTube philanthropist, MrBeast will soon be available as a vinyl figure as well. A company similar to Funko Pops has teamed up with Jimmy Donaldson and co-stars Chris & Chandler to produce miniature versions of the three. With its soft launch earlier this year and an initial collaboration with Keemstar, Youtooz aims at making collectibles of some of the biggest names of YouTube.

MrBeast and Youtooz Collaborate.

The digital influencer with a 26 million subscriber count, is collaborating with the Funko Pop of YouTube known as Youtooz. The miniature vinyl figurines see Chad and Chandler posing with a peace sign. Jimmy’s figure shows him posing in one of his signature hoodies from MrBeast Merch. The interesting and most important part of his Youtooz version is the dollar bills leaking from his pockets (Trademark MrBeast).

There’s also a giveaway attached to it (Duh.. It’s MrBeast ladies and gentlemen). One lucky buyer will end up winning a golden ticket which will give you a choice of ordering a life-size Youtooz figure of MrBeast and the two co-stars.

The price is $30 and will start shipping in January 2020.

The company co-founder Austin Litman tells us about the immense success of YouTooz:

Making these figures isn’t the most straightforward thing. From concept to modeling to engineering and finally mass producing, we’ve got a bunch of people working super hard every step of the way. Youtooz’s 15-person team across the U.S. and Canada has streamlined the production process so much that we’re now able to create and release figures three times faster than the industry average.

Talking about working with MrBeast and other YouTube sensations like Keemstar, Litman adds:

One thing that gets me really excited when it comes to sales figures is how we’re another income stream for partnered content creators outside of merch and ad revenue in a fairly organic way. Hopefully one day, we’ll be able to work with the majority of content creators on YouTube.

During the soft-launch, the company has also worked with YouTube stars Keemstar,  Ricky Berwick, gamer Muselk and Lachlan.