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Colourpop's Newest collection Cherry crush all you need to know!

Colourpop’s Newest collection Cherry crush | all you need to know!

Colourpop comes out with a new collection every now and then. And fans are absolutely obsessed with it. They recently released a new collection Cherry Crush, a couple of weeks back. It has to be one of this summer’s cutest collections by Colourpop!

This New Collection includes

  • Cherry crush shadow palette.
  • Love Bite lip stain and Double cherry lip stain.
  • Cherrish You serum blush and Sour Cherry serum blush.
  • Cherry Pie linercrème gel liner and Jubilee linercrème gel liner.
  • Graceland Bff liquid liner.
  • Cherry Sweet hair clips.
  • Mon Cherry hand mirror.

Both the Cherry Pie and Jubilee linercreme gel liners are gorgeous shade-wise. The Graceland Bff liquid liner is also the same formula as before. Cherry Sweet hair clips and Mon Cherry hand mirror are just cute accessories to add to your already growing collections from Colourpop.

The Cherry crush shadow palette.

This 9 pan palette is rich in shades of Cherry! Priced at $14 like all their other 9-pans. The net weight of this palette is 9.00g / 0.3oz. 59% of people voted it as a “need” and 41% of people as a “want” on Colourpop’s Instagram Story. It includes 5 matte and 4 metallic shades:

sweet like: metallic sparkling bright cherry with pink pin points

cerise*: matte bright cherry red

cherry stem: matte warm cherry brown

tie a knot*: metallic pink cherry

very cherry*: metallic true cherry

juicy juicy*: metallic dark cherry

scarlet*: matte pink ruby

black cherry*: matte crimson red

take a bite*: matte black cherry
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Source: Colourpop Instagram

Lip Stain

There are two lip stains in this collection, Double Cherry and Love Bite. The fresh kiss formula for the stains is new. Colourpop claims they feel fresh, are lightweight, and non-drying, unlike other lip stains. They are long-wearing. Moreover, they have a vegan formula with buildable coverage. Colourpop did a “Want to know more? Leave us questions session” on their Instagram stories for this product as well.

Some of the questions asked were as followed:

“Are they scented? I’m sensitive to scents!”.

“Are they sticky?” “Is it sheer or full coverage?”

So, let’s get into the answers!

No! these lip stains are not scented but they have a subtle sweet taste. They are not even sticky. This glossy stain is medium coverage and can be built up for full and lasts all day. Best of all, it does not dry out your lips and does not transfer after it has completely dried down! A perfect trait for lip stains to have!

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Source: Colourpop Instagram

Priced at $8 each with a net weight of 6.0 g (0.21 oz)., these lip stains are a must-try. My Favorite shade is Love bite. Tell us yours in the comments below. Happy shopping!