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Jake Paul Reveals He Used To Be A Bully In The Past

Jake Paul reveals he used to be a bully in the past

While promoting his new campaign, Boxing Bullies, Jake Paul admitted to being a bully in the past. His campaign is for kids.

It’s no secret that Jake Paul is controversy’s favorite child. There is always some negative news regarding this YouTuber-turned boxer. In similar news, he admitted to being a bully in the past during an anti-bullying campaign.

Few months ago, an old neighbor of Jake Paul came forward with allegations of bullying and lying against him.

In April, Jake Paul talked about his humble upbringing after winning a boxing match against Ben Askren. During his interview, he said shared how his teachers and classmates constantly bullied him. According to Paul, his teachers insulted him and told him he was good for nothing. Therefore, he worked hard to prove them wrong. However, this did not sit well with his former neighbor and YouTuber, Sir Yatch. According to him, Jake Paul’s claims that he was bullied and had no money growing up are nothing but lies. In an explosive video that has gone viral since he said:

Dude, you landscaped and had rich a** parents. That’s not the struggle. That’s just what every high schooler that was privileged did.

Furthermore, he showed the footage of the kind of house Jake Paul grew up in Ohio and said:

These are the type of houses he was landscaping in the mean streets of Westlake, Ohio. All you have to worry about round here is how mean the chihuahuas are and how loud the moms are in their Range Rovers. Jake was the worst person ever at Westlake High School; he was the bully!

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After the video went viral, self-proclaimed problem child YouTuber accepted that he was a bully in the past.

Recently, Jake Paul started an anti-bullying campaign called Boxing Bullies. This campaign aims to help kids combat bullying and give them the strength to defend themselves. While promoting his campaign on YouTube, the 25-year-old boxer confessed to being a bully himself in the past. According to him, he promised to use his resources to put an end to bullying and realized that he needed to change. Talking about his past, Jake Paul said:

Growing up, I was a bully. I was insulting people. I was name-calling, demeaning them. It was because I was insecure and I wasn’t proud of who I was. I thought it was funny. I thought it was funny to make fun of other people.

Furthermore, Jake Paul shared bits of his personal journey and said:

“Then I realized, as I got older, that that’s not cool. The words you say to other people can have an everlasting effect on them. Because, when I started to get famous, chase my dreams, and put videos out there online, I was getting so much hate for it. The words affected me.”

Jake Paul

Despite his positive message, his campaign has received criticism from many. Jake Paul is all set to fight his fourth professional fight against MMA star Tyron Woodley on 29th August.