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Colleen Ballinger Looks Iconic In New Ariana Grande Video

Colleen Ballinger or Miranda Sings shows her baby bump as she features in the upcoming music video for Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande.

Colleen Ballinger Boasts Baby Bump In Thank U, Next

If you’ve heard Grande’s Thank U, Next and seen all the memes, you probably know that it’s one of the best things out here. But that’s not just it. With the upcoming music video for this to be out soon, there are some incredible sights awaiting. For this project, Ariana Grande has been recreating iconic teen movies. And so far, she has covered Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, 13 Going on 30, and Bring It On. Undoubtedly, she pulled off a great effort with each. But the Missy Pantone-style cheerleader looks that Ari pulled off have no match.

And what we least expected out of Thank U, Next was the pregnant Colleen Ballinger making an appearance on it. But it’s true and Miranda Sings herself confirmed it on Twitter. She dressed up as a cheerleader showing off her baby bump that carries a lipstick mark coming from none other than Ariana Grande herself. Ballinger teased that she was featured in the music video for Thank U, Next on her Twitter herself.

Apart from Colleen Ballinger, Gabi DeMartino who is sometimes heavily slammed for copying Ariana’s style is also set to appear in the music video as per the singer’s request. The upcoming Thank U, Next video that pays homage to four iconic teen movies is surely something that everybody on the internet is excited for. Trust us, if there was an Oscar for the best music video, Ariana would have swept it out without any real competition.

Once Thank U, Next featuring the pregnant Colleen Ballinger comes out, there will be an even lesser doubt about it! Let’s just all wait for it.