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Chase Hudson & Charli D’Amelio went to the iHeartRadio Music Awards together!

Charlie D'Amelia and Chase Hudson were spotted together as the two went together to attend the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Are the two dating?

TikTok stars Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio recently made an appearance together at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Rumors of their alleged romance are on the rise on the internet after the two broke up just a few months after becoming official. Are the two possibly dating again? Well, here’s what we know so far.

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Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio back together?

Chase Hudson & Charli D'Amelio went to the iHeartRadio Music Awards together!

Now, the two haven’t confirmed that they’re dating each other or that they’re back together. However, the indications do suggest otherwise. Almost a month after the “America’s Sweetheart”, Chase and Charli made an appearance together at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. The two walked up the red carpet together, despite not being officially together. And fans seem to be suspicious because this isn’t the first instance when the two made public appearances together.

Back in April, Charli D’Amelio also made an appearance in Lil Huddy’s America’s Sweetheart music video, in which Charli appeared as Chase’s love interest. Fans even asked Hudson if the two got emotional while shooting the video, to which he said:

Oh my god yes. The slow dance scene made everybody on set cry including the both of us. It was just so special and with the intensity of the song playing it was moving honestly.

Furthermore, Charli D’Amelio also shared her experience of working on the video with Chase Hudson on Instagram, writing:

This video shows a side of me i never truly get to showcase out of fear but chase gave me a place to feel comfortable enough to share the improv i did on set! I felt so comfortable and supported throughout the entire day from everyone!! i am beyond thankful for being able to be in this video and getting to be a part of this piece of art with the person i can lean on for everything.

Despite these lovely words for each other and having a romantic history, Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson and Charli D’Amelio have denied all rumors of the two dating each other.

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