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Catch The Originals’ Joseph Morgan In Animal Kingdom Season 4

The notorious Klaus Mikaelson is about to grace your television soon, but this time in a different role. Joseph Morgan, the partially good guy from The Originals, is starring as a recurring role in Animal Kingdom Season 4. Animal Kingdom Season 4 premiered on TNT on May 28, 2019. Whereas Morgan will be appearing in the upcoming 9th episode titled SHTF.

Joseph Morgan In Animal Kingdom Season 4

Animal Kingdom is a crime-based American TV series based on an Australian movie of the same name. It features a teenager boy who moved in with his estranged relatives after his mother’s death. However, the estranged family turns out to be a criminal family and things take an interesting turn. One would expect that Joseph Morgan might get a different role this time. Thing is, the role is different for sure, but not too stable. Joseph Morgan will be playing the role of Colin’s unstable brother Jed. Colin (Grant Harvey) himself is a violent ex-Veteran who is into crimes. Joseph Morgan’s character Jed has a wife and 3 children.

Specifically, Joseph Morgan is playing Young Jed and will be appearing in flashbacks from 1977. Which means we might be getting an older (i.e. current) version of Jed in season 5.

Other Projects

Apart from Animal Kingdom Season 4, Morgan is currently shooting for an upcoming TV series titled Brave New World. It is a TV adaptation of a dystopian novel by English Author Aldous Hexley. Hexley wrote the book in 1931 and it was published in 1932.

Another project titled Gone Baby Gone is also on its way. Gone Baby Gone is an upcoming TV show based on Dennis Lehane Novel by the same name.