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The Originals’ Joseph Morgan To Screen His Short Film “Carousel” At Beverly Hills Film Festival

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Legacies, the only descendant of CW’s knockout cannibal affair – The Vampire Diaries – on air right now, often serves a reminder that Klaus Mikaelson is a man to alive in our memories to be gone. The Originals star Joseph Morgan had perfected all the aspects of his on-screen presence to such extents that it almost became impossible for us to let Morgan depart from his reel alter-ego, Klaus. The Originals is now; however, a thing in the past. And likewise, Morgan too seems to have put Klaus behind him. The actor has been on a lookout for greener pastures ever since The Originals ended. And things appear to have fallen into place as Morgan is ready to unveil his latest short film Carousel soon.

Joseph Morgan’s Carousel To Premiere At The Beverly Hills Fim Festival In April

While he was still shooting for The Originals, Joseph Morgan started working on a short film alongside his better-half, Persia White. The couple has written, directed and produced the film all by itself, and both White and Morgan will star in the film.

Carousel explores a grimly action-packed, tear-jerking struggle for personal rediscovery. It follows the life of a man, played by Joseph Morgan, who has – after a close brush with death- returned to his roots, back in his hometown. In an half-an-hour realm, the short film will deal with the repercussions of what Morgan’s character had left behind in his hometown. It will also include a race against time as Morgan’s ultimate goal will be to set things right before he meets his fate.

The first big screening of the short film will take place at the Beverly Hills Film Festival on April 3rd. Carousel has already toured the world, but its largest single screening will take place at Beverly Hills in April.

A brief synopsis of the short film states,

” Carousel is a story of love, loss and the hope for redemption when a criminal escapes death and gets a second chance at life in more than one way. As we delve into an emotional journey that beckons us to consider how the consequences of our past actions, like a carousel, keep returning to us again, and again until time runs out. “

No Chances For Morgan To Return To The Franchise With Legacies?

Joesph Morgan has been missing from screen space ever since CW pulled the plug off The Originals in August 2018. Carousel; hence, is a major opportunity for the Klaus fandom to catch a glimpse of their favourite star as he performs on-screen with the same passion.

It is yet to be a full year since the first Vampire Diaries spin-off went off the air. Yet, we have been craving hard to see Morgan back on screen. Morgan was expected to make his TV return with Fox’s Gone Baby Gone. Fox; however, never ordered the pilot into a series. Our hopes to see Morgan return to The Vampire Diaries franchise with its latest spin-off The Legacies have also been crushed by The Originals series finale.

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