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Is Camila Cabello Cancelled Even After Her Apology For Racist Posts?

Camila Cabello Apologizes For Her Past

The Senorita singer Camila Cabello does not feel good about her past at all. In a single post, she made a lengthy post about how sorry she feels about her racist remarks on social media.

“When I was younger, I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever. I was uneducated and ignorant and once I became aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language , I was embarrassed I ever used it.”

She continues to explain that whatever she did, happened in the past without her awareness and lack of knowledge. She reassured that she is 22 now, and has learned a lot by now. However, her fans are not liking this apology at all.

Does It Even Matter?

Perhaps if Cabello did it only once, or a few times her apology meant something. Unfortunately, the singer had a consistent trend of posting racist stuff on the Internet when she was 15.