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Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony Shares Her Battle With Mental Health

Ally Brooke discusses the emotional and verbal “abuse” she allegedly suffered while in Fifth Harmony on the debut episode of her new podcast The Ally Brooke Show.

In the hour-long episode “My Time in Fifth Harmony / I Believe in Miracles!” that aired on Wednesday, the singer talked about her time in 5H with former bandmates for the first time since splitting up.

Ally mentioned this in the first episode of her podcast :

I hate saying this; my time in Fifth Harmony, I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t love it.

Ally Brooke talks about her experience in the all-girls band

The singer went on to share just why her time in the 5H band was not the best. According to her, “it was a difficult period for her mental health because there was so much going on, behind the scenes as well as on the stage.”

She further mentioned, there was a lot of toxicity and abuse of power. She also had to face a lot of verbal and mental abuse. The environment was also not conducive to fully enjoy the music they made, which made things even worst for her.

Ally Brooke, while sharing about her time in Fifth Harmony and talking about mental health also hinted towards the competitive environment all the girls were in, which meant they had to fight for their lives to see who got to sing the good parts of a song. She finished off the statement by reiterating how much the environment felt hostile.

There was such inappropriateness, too, within the label — talking to us a certain way, talking to me a certain way, making me feel uncomfortable, making me feel inferior, and knowing that they can make me feel that way because I was a woman.”

In addition to sharing about her mental health struggles while being in the all-girl band, she shared the ups and downs and the expectations from each member of Fifth Harmony… baring it for all to hear.

The Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke shared that the reason behind starting a podcast was that it allowed her to be more vulnerable, which was something new in her experience. She further mentioned that the podcast allowed her to be ‘real and raw’ with her fans. And maybe that’s what she has been wanting to do all her life. We can’t wait for the second episode to go on-air so that we can share it with you guys.