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BTS New Release: Black Swan | Review

BTS, also known as The Bangtan Boys, appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on January 28, 2020. They also performed “Black Swan,” one of the songs from their upcoming album “Map Of The Soul:7”, a follow-up of Map of the Soul: Persona.

BTS Black Swan | Review

Alright, So let’s be a little honest here. Some people think that the K-POP band BTS is a little overrated. But after seeing them perform on stage to “Black Swan,” you will fall in love with them, and Binge watches all of their songs and performances (just like I did. Though I never hated them).

The Black Swan was the first single from the “Map Of The Soul” album on 17th January 2020. And within a week, it earned over 20 million plays on Spotify.

So the song is actually inspired by the Quote from an American modern dancer and choreographer, Martha Graham:

“A dancer dies twice- once when they stop dancing ,and this first death is the more painful”.

MN Dance Company brilliantly executed an art film on the “Black Swan” to make people understand what the BTS song is actually about.

What’s the song all about?

As per the BTS video shows, there is a total of 7 dancers. Six of them dressed in black. At the same time, the seventh one displays an uncovered torso. It obviously makes him look different from the others. With the fascinating visuals, complex choreography, melodious rhythm of the guitar, and harsh violin strokes, we witness so many emotions breaking at once. The dancer with the naked torso is trying to battle with his very own dark, dark shadows. He wants to move his arms and feet to the rhythm, but he can’t. His feet feel trapped. The fear of his passion dying slowly. He tries really hard to escape it. And finally, he wins. He can fly again.

Through this BTS video, we can understand the fear dancers, artists, and singers have. What if they wake up one day and realize they can’t dance again? They have lost their magic of performing what they are good at. That’s the day they will realize the true meaning of death-losing what they love the most, which is much scarier than the actual death. To completely understand the video, you will have to watch it multiple times (just like I did).
From the very first lines of the song,

Do your thang with me now
What’s my thang
What’s my thang, tell me now
Tell me now yeah yeah yeah yeah

We can understand the meaning of “Do Your Thang,” which is getting rid of one’s demons, shadows, and very own fears. And following what you love the most. The song differs from BTS’s usual hits like “Boy With Luv ft Halsey.” The song has over 12 million views on YouTube.

BTS Album Release & Carpool

BTS Black Swan Dance Practice was released by The BANGTANTV on 7th February 2020.

Map Of The Soul:7 will drop on February 21st, 2020, for the BTS ARMY. Whereas, James Corden Carpool featuring BTS drops on February 25, 2020.